Ghost Stories - ReissueThe Dream Syndicate
Ghost Stories (1988)
Produced by Elliot Mazer
The final studio album from The Dream Syndicate, featuring Steve Wynn, Paul B. Cutler, Mark Walton and Dennis Duck. Helping was Chris Cacavas, Robert Lloyd, Johnette Napolitano and others.

This record illustrates that this was one the best guitar around, and that this final lineup of the Syndicate was as powerful as any previous lineup. Garagarocking Weathered adn Torn, classic wynn tunes as The Side I'll Never[S] Show[S] Show">S] and Loving The Sinner, beatiful songs as Whatever You Please[S] and Someplace Better Than This and the final When The Curtain Falls[S], containing a bit of it all. A classic Dream Syndicate album.

Reissued on CD in 1998 for the first time(with a bonus live track) and in 2004 with amazing new sound and eight extra tracks recorded in two KCRW sessions in 1987 and 1988. The live version of When The Curtain Falls[S] included in the 2004 reissue is extraordinaire, and as good as anything the band ever recorded.


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Ghost Stories - Reissue Ghost Stories
This 2004 reissue of Ghost Stories will be and expanded edition, remastered, double length album, with tons of previously unreleased bonus tracks taken from radio shows during the time of "Ghost Stories" features songs that should have or could have been on Ghost Stories (some of which Steve later did himself, some of which disappeared, a couple of alternative versions of Ghost Stories songs and some cool cover versions as well. 8 songs in total as bonus tracks, all from the KCRW shows the band played in 1987 and 1988, including a searing alternate arrangement of "When the Curtain Falls," embryonic takes of "Carolyn" and "Never Ending Rain" (both of which ended up on Steve's solo albums) and a hilarious, shambolic version of Eric Burdon and War's "Spill the Wine.". Liner notes by Pat Thomas.
Ghost Stories - Restless Ghost Stories
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I Have Faith 7 inch I Have Faith
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The B-side 'Now I Ride Alone' is a live recording from Turko, Finland, August, 1988
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Ghost Stories Ghost Stories
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