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Got No Chains - The Songs Of The Walkabouts
,GRCD 698,Gliiterhouse Records,
Comes with a booklet with liner-notes from John Parker and Tony Kroes and every contributing artist. It's a double album with a bonus CD containing the original Walkabouts songs remastered.
The Sandanista Project A tribute to the Clash
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 27
2CD,BLU NG027,Blue Rose Recods,DE
Blue Rose Nuggets 24 Blue Rose Nuggets 24
SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN GETTING ID=835 FROM BinaryData There`s A Hole In Heaven Where Some Sin Slips Through
CD,,Glitterhouse Records,DE
A tribute to Townes Van Zandt featuring original tracks by Willard Grant Conspiracy , The Tindersticks, Walkabouts and many more
More Barn More Barn - A tribute to Neil Young
CD,616892940425,2007 Slothtrop Music,US
Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine #36
The Night Gardener
Blue Rose Nuggets 20
CD,,Blue Rose Records,DE
Graciously Graciously: A Gulf Relief Compilation
This CD`s goal is to raise awareness of Wavelab Studio and its remarkable community of artists while giving one third of the net proceeds to New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity Musicians Village Project to aid in their work in the Gulf Coast area. All artists on this collection are affiliated with Wavelab and all songs are new and previously unreleased. Contributors include John Doe, Robyn Hitchcock, Howe Gelb with Scout Niblett, Calexico, Steve Wynn, Amelia White, Richmond Fontaine, Nik Freitas, Devotchka, Tony Furtado, Luca, and Friends Of Dean Martinez.
Ray Davies tribute The modern genius of Ray Davies
Tribute CD released with MOJO magazine 01/2006, featuring Steve Wynn, Yo La Tengo, Mark Lanegan, The Green Pajamas and many more
Children of the Nuggets Children of the Nuggets
Peter Case Tribute A Case For Case - Tribute to the Songs of Peter Case
3CD,,Hungry For Music,US
A 3CD tribute to Peter Case
Nick Lowe Tribute Lowe Profile - A tribute to Nick Lowe
Mike Mills Presents ... UNCUT : The REM collection Disc1
CD,Uncut 2995 08A,,UK
A tribute to Tom Petty A Tribute to Tom Petty
Tributo a Tom Petty. Incluye versiones por: Elliott Murphy, Alvaro Urquijo, Sexy Sadie, Smack Dab (Paco Loco y Steve Wynn), Taxi (antes "Melon Diesel"), Valendas, Carlos Gońi, The Pauls, Cujo, Glycerine, The Killer Barbies, Los Protones, Hermanas Sister, Super Ratones, Javier Andreu (La Frontera), Bird Dogs, The Nacionales...
Blue Rose Nuggets VOl 15 Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 15
CD,BLU NG015,Blue Rose Records,DE
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 13 Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 13
CD,BLU NG013,Blue Rose Records,DE
BLN Vol 11 Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol. 11
CD,,Blue Rose Records,DE
Left Of The Dial Cover Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the '80s Underground
Very cool compilation with an outstanding list of great tracks from the 80's
Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol 6. Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol. 6
CD,BLU NG006,Blue Rose Records,DE
Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol 5 Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol. 5
CD,BLU NG005,Blue Rose Records,DE
The fifth in the Blue Rose Nuggets series. This one will be pressed in lower quantities than the previous releases in the series. You can by it from Blue Rose Records. The live track by Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 is only available on this release.
Caught In The Net Cover Spydaradio - Caught In The Net
Internet only radio station Spydaradio launches its accompanying record label, Spyda Records, on May 31st with the release of the double-CD compilation album ‘Caught In The Net’. ‘Caught In The Net’ features a variety of highly acclaimed artists who are supported by Spydaradio but otherwise largely ignored by the mainstream. The majority of the tracks featured – from the likes of Jason Ringenberg, Robyn Hitchcock, Chuck Prophet and Ezio - are exclusive to this release and have been kindly donated by the artist. 'Milky White' is Steve Wynn's contribution to the album.
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 12 Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 12
CD,BLU NG012,Blue Rose Records,DE
107.1 KGSR Radio Austin : broadcasts vol. 11 107.1 KGSR Radio Austin : broadcasts vol. 11
The 2CD contains all songs performed live and broadcast exclusively on 107.1 KGSR. Proceeds donated to the SIMS Foundation, Services Invested In Musician's Support. The foundation offers low-cost health services to the entire Austin music community.
Rough Trade - Country compilation Country - Rough Trade
2CD,,Rough Trade,UK
6th in Rough Trade's genre based series of compilations, takes a sideways glance at alternative country, americana or whatever you want to call it - 40 tracks from the likes of: giant sand, the gun club, the meat puppets, x, steve earle, the broken family band, american music club, uncle tupelo and more.
Sigmatropic 16 Haiku And Other Stories
CD,TMAAST 002,Toungemaster,BE
This special release contains the words of George Seferis and the music of Sigmatropic (Akis Boyatzis). A version in Greek was releases in April 2002. This is the international release, containing the voices of eighteen international artist, like Steve Wynn, Cat Power, Howe Gelb, Lee Ronaldo, Mark Eitzel, Alejandro Escovedo, Carla Torgerson,.... See more at Official Sigmatropic Webiste and Tonguemaster.
Light Of Hope - Bruce Springsteen tribute LIGHT OF DAY - A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen
A 3CD tribute to Bruce Springsteen featuring Billy Brag, Sid Griffin, Australian Blonde, Elliott Murphy and many more..
Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol. 3 Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 3
CD,BLU NG003,Blue Rose Records,DE
Third Blue Rose Nuggets compilation from Blue Rose Records. Contributions from Steve Wynn, Elliott Myurphy, Sand Rubies, Continental Drifters and more...
 Aberraciones Telescpicas, vol. 2, CD Aberraciones Telescpicas, vol. 2
CD,,Radio Telescopio,ES
Only available Saturday, May 10, 2003, at Siroco (San Dimas 3) at a party celebrating the aniversary of an independent radio show called "El otro lado del Telescopio" (, in a limited edition of 200 copies !. It features Steve Wynn and Byron´s girlfriend (a one man Greek band) doing a cover of a spanish group called Family (Dame estrellas y limones). It was recorded in similar to the Australian Blonde collaboration : Music files were send across the internet between New York and Greece. Byron actually did most of the music, while Steve playes harmonica, guitar and backing vocals and very, very quiet electric piano. Track List 1.- "Emmanuelle", de Pierre Bachelet, por Suzette (Les Tres Bien Ensemble) y 12Twelve
2.- "Goin' out west", de Tom Waits, version por Gaizka (Audience) y Dead Capo
3.- "Dame estrellas y limones", de Family, version de Steve Wynn y Byron's Girlfriend 4.- "Shivers", de Boys Next Door (Nick Cave), version de The Bisons e Isol (Entre Roos) 5.- "I'm your man", de Leonard Cohen, version de Suso (Petit Mal) y La Monja Enana 6.- "Good fortune", de PJ Harvey, version por Belon (L-Kan) y Humanoid 7.- "Different for Girls", de Joe Jackson, versionn de Polar y Xavi Font (ex Dar Ful Ful) 8.- "Place to be", de Nick Drake, version de Audience y The Crooner 9.- "A summer with Jane", de The Crooner, version de Camping y Sandra (Undershakers) 10.- "Lullaby of Clubland", de Everything but the Girl, version de Plex on Soma (La Museca de Sal) y Silvia (Niza) 11.- "Coleen", de Martin Stephenson, version por Felipon Ex Freson y Tan Low 12.- "Wonderful Life", de Black, version de Fibla y Miqui Puig More info at Radio Telescopio
Klub Gaffa Klub Gaffa #4
Compilation CD to subscribers of Danish music magazine Gaffa.
Blur Rose Collection vol. 10 Blue Rose Collection Vol. 10
2CD,,Blue Rose Records,DE
The 10th Blue Rose collection is celebrated with a 2CD setm, where the 2nd CD is a Steve Wynn Special disc.
Blue Rose Nuggets, Vol. 2 blue rose nuggets 2
CD,BLU NG002,Blue Rose,DE
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 In Love With Everyone (recorded live at "Linde" in Affalter, Germany April 28, 2001 [previously unreleased]
Blue Rose Nuggets Volume 1 Blue Rose Nuggets #1
,,Blue Rose Records,DE
The NUGGETS series is available through the Blue Rose mailorder only. Each NUGGETS release is limited to 2,000 copies. If the first issue is sold out we will follow with the next edition.
Comes With A Smile #9 Comes With a Smile Vol. 9.
CD,,Comes With a Smile,UK
CD that followed issue 9 of UK music magazine Comes With a Smile
Song Circle 2002 Song Circle 2002
A souvenir tour CD from the Songwriter tour 2002. It's a limited/numbered edition of 1000 and has rare acoustic tracks by each of the tour participants. Steve's tracks are versions of 'Merrittville,' 'What We Call Love' and 'Crawling Misanthropic Blues.
Audio Super Sound Collection Vol. 2
CD,AUD1102,Audio/Blue Rose,DE
Blue Rose Sampler in connection with the german magazine "AUDIO", November 02 Song: Butterscotch (from "Here Comes The Miracles")
Bread, Soup & Struggle: A Tribute to the Casa Maria; Tucson, Arizona (San Jacinto)
See more info at : Soundbites @ Tucson Weekly
SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN GETTING ID=395 FROM BinaryData The Losers Lounge : How can a loser ever win ?
2CD,ZR000002,Zilcho Records,US
Steve Wynn : " This was a 'best-of' put together by Loser's Lounge, a monthly gig/production that happens here in New York. They always do themes, usually songs by one particular songwriter and this was my version of 'Poet, Fool or Bum' from their Lee Hazelwood night. "
Blue Rose Collection vol. 7 Blue Rose Collection vol. 7
2CD,BLU CD0126,Blue Rose Records,DE
A collection of Blue Rose promotionals, and a CD of songs previously released only as MP3. Contains songs by Russ Tolman, Rich Hopkins, Elliot Murphy,...
Full Circle - A Tribute to gene Clarke Full Circle: A Tribute to Gene Clark
2CD,,Not Lame,US
Acres for cents
LP,ZNIP 501,Zippo,?
Come On Beautiful Come On Beautiful - The Songs of American Music Club
CD,GR 514,Glitterhouse Records / Boston BiGNiGHT,DE
Tribute to American Music Club, featuring covers by Steve Wynn, Chris and Carla, Lambchop, Calexico, Willard Grant Conspiracy, ...
ThisNotesForYouToo This Note's For You Too ! - a tribute to Neil Young
2CD,IRCD 004,Inbetweens Records,NL
2CD Neil Young tribute. Among others : Lee Ranaldo, Continental Drifters, Steven Robcak, Russ Tolman, Steve Wynn, Richard Lloyd, Chris Cacavasm Walabouts, Rich Hopkins, Van Christian... 37 tracks.
[more info]
Back Up The balkans Back Up The Balkans
CD,C.R.A.S.H. 300999,,BE
Steve Wynn : "A friend of mine in Holland was doing volunteer work for Bosnia and part of the way he raised money for his projects was with compilations of songs donated by various artists. I gave him a song called The Impossible that later ended up on Pick of the Litter."
Zero Hour sample On the House: Zero Hour Sampler
CD,,Zero Hour,US
Audio CD 38 Audio-CD 38
Beating Up The Campus - 18 College Rock Classics of the 80's
CD,553 429-2 ,Debutante,UK
Out Of Their Mouths - an Atavistic compilation
2CD,ALP 38CD,Atavistic Records,US
Beat Up Bosnia Beat Up Bosnia!
CD,C.R.A.S.H. 301196,C.R.A.S.H,NL
Steve Wynn : " same guy and this was the first compilation he did. He wanted traditional blues songs and I did this one called 'Lulu.' It's actually a pretty interesting recording with Johnette on vocals as well."
Wrote A Song For Everyone John Fogerty: Wrote a song for everyone
CD,5R00196,ROOMSERVICE 1996, Jondora Music,US
Americanism Americanism : Best Of American Guitar Bands
CD,NTMCD509,Necter Masters,?
Green on Red, Dream Syndicate, Thin White Rope, Sonic Youth,.....
Sing Hollies In Reverse Sing Hollies In Reverse
CD,,eggBERT Records,US
featuring Steve Wynn, The Posies, Continental Drifters, ....
Howl Howl ... a farewell collection of unreleased songs
CD,GRCD 352,Glitterhouse Records,DE
Steve Wynn : "This was a compilation that was done by Glitterhouse. They asked for a track and I offered the version of 'Maria' from some Enigma Records demos in 1989. The song was later recorded by Gutterball."
Gram Parsons Tribute Conmemorativo : A Tribute To Gram Parsons
CD,R2 71269,Rhino Records Inc.,US
Just Say Anything Just Say Anything
CD,9 26623-2,Sire Records,US
Steve Wynn : "This is one of a series of compilations that Warner Brothers did in the '90s and this is a song that I wrote and recorded with John Wesley Harding called 'Warning: Parental Advisory." pretty funny track#"
I Shall Be Unreleased I Shall Be Released - The songs of Bob Dylan
CD,R2 70518,Sony Music / Rhino,US
Including Dream Syndicates amazing version of Blind Willie McTell
Single to celebrate the 10 years (1980-1990) of 12 O'Clock Rocks, a LA Radio Show. The B-side contain the Flesh Eaters. Both Songs recorded live on the air by Steve Barker / BBAT & crew at KPFK, Los Angeles during the 12 O'clock Rock Radio program.
Beauty In The Underground - Back Vera Groningen - Beauty In The Underground
CD,Vera Records 001,Vera Records,NL
A selection of live songs recorded at Dutch club Vera Underground. Inludes artists such as The Feelies, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. Alex Chilton, Giant Sand, Thin White Rope, Naked Prey, .. and more.
Dream Syndicate plays 50 in a 25 zone, and th
Down There Sampler 39,999,999 Behind 'Thriller' - Down There Records 1982-1988
LP,7 72325-1,Restless, Down There,CA
Great compilation of Down There bands.
Bucketfull Of Brains - Blind Willie McTell Blind Willie McTell
Single given away free with BucketFull Of Brains, Issue 27. The other side is Bevis Frond, High In A Flat.
The BOB #31
Free flexi given away freely with Bucketfull Of Barins, #31. Side A contains Dream Syndicates version of Cinnamon Girl (Later on It's too late to stop now). Recorded at Rotund Rascal Studios, Feb. 1987. Produced by Dream Syndicate The b-side includes Kendra Smith, produced by Steve Wynn, doing Lou Reeds Alle Morgens Parties, recorded at Down There Studios, June 1981.
Let It Rain
EP,6065-1-BDAB,Big Time Records,US
Big Time promotional not for sale. Contains The Dream Syndicate : Let it rain, and Christmas : Babyman. From the compilation LP The Big Syndrome
I Was A Teenage Zombie
Don't Shoot
CD,MAU CD 606,Demon Records Ltd.,FR
Great album featuring tracks from Jack Waterson, Stephen McCarthy, Julie Christensen, Divine Horsemen, The Band of Blacky Ranchette....
Clear Cut Final Clear Cut Final
CD,32JC-206,Rough Trade Records,JP
Rare and out-of-print Rough Trade Records Japan release, 32JC-206. Includes rare and single tracks from a fantastic 1986 compilation! Only released on CD in Japan and now out-of-print! Tracks: 1. RED GUITARS Remote Control 2. ORANGE JUICE Simply Thrilled Honey 3. WEEKEND The View From Her Room 4. JAZZATEERS Sixteen Reasons 5. STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE Trees And Flowers 6. AZTEC CAMERA Orchid Girl 7. THE GO-BETWEENS Cattle & Cane 8. VIC GODARD & THE SUBWAY SECT Ambition 9. EASTERHOUSE Inspiration 10. THE WOODENTOPS Travelling Man 11. THE DREAM SYNDICATE Tell Me When It's Over 12. SUSANNA HOFFS (THE BANGLES) I'll Keep It With Mine 13. MICRODISNEY Birthday Girl 14. THE MONOCHROME SET Alphaville 15. SCRITTI POLITTI Skank Block Bologna 16. THE SLITS Man Next Door 17. VIRGIN PRUNES Pagan Love Song 18. THE POP GROUP We Are All Prostitutes 19. ROBERT WYATT The Age Of Self 20. THE SMITHS Stretch Out And Wait
Greetings from the Sunny Beach
English as a second language English as a second language
2LP,,Freeway Records,US
w/ John Doe, Dave Alvin, David Roback, Exene, Steve Wynn, Kim Fowley, Susanna Hoffs.
UNCUT Hard Drive UNCUT : Hard Drive
Forced Exposure Forced Exposure

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