Suspects [1979 - 1979]

Talking Loud ( 1979 ) is the first and only single, the Suspects ever released. A true collectors item, very hard to find these days. Suspects was a Davis, California, based college band, with these fine musicians in the lineup: Steve Wynn (Guitar and vocals), Kendra Smith (Vocals), Steve Suchil (Bass guitar), Russ Tolman (Guitar), Gavin Blair (Drums). A 'super' group ahead of its time, as Steve and Kendra moved onto The Dream Syndicate, and Russ and Gavin moved on to True West :)

During a visit to Davis in 2005, Steve played Talking Loud live on the air during an interview/session at KDVS.



Live Music Archive1981-05-08University of California, Davis, CA, USA/The Coffee HouseThe Suspects
Live Music Archive1980-02-14University of California, Davis, USA/The Coffee HouseThe Suspects
Live Music Archive1980-01-20San Francisco, CA, USA/The Mabuhay GardensThe Suspects
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