The Dream Syndicate [1982 - 1989]

A classic guitar band of the eighties. Born at the end of the Punk era, with a feel for Velvet Underground, The Dream Syndicate instantly became the saviours of alternative rock before tha term was commonly used.
With The Days Of Wine and Roses they released a classic debut album, on of the best albums of 1982, and songs from this album are still on the set list of Steve Wynn live shows. The Medicine Show took a different direction that the raw punkish debut, and some (mostly american) critiques turned their fingers down. It was/is however on of the most loved albums among fans. After The Medicine Show there was change in line up. Out went Kendra Smith and Karl Precoda and in came Mark Walton and Paul B. Cutler, and the band recorded two excellent studio albums and released the Live At Raji's live album that was a testament to amazing live band that was the Dream Syndicate both at the beginning and the end (as documented on the KEXP live album, The Day Before Wine and Rose) of the Dream Syndicates existence.



2019-12-14Seattle, WA, USA/The TractorDream Syndicate
2019-12-13Portland, OR, USA/Polaris HallDream Syndicate
2019-11-01Austin, TX, USA/KUTX StudioDream Syndicate
2019-10-26Athina, Greece/Fuzz Live Music ClubDream Syndicate
2019-10-24Bilbao, Spain/Kafe AntzokiDream Syndicate
2019-10-23Valencia, Spain/Loco ClubDream Syndicate
2019-10-22Madrid, Spain/El SolDream Syndicate
2019-10-20Diksmuide, Belgium/4ADDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-10-18Paris, France/Le Petit BainDream Syndicate
2019-10-17Utrecht, Holland/TivoliDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-10-15Hamburg, Germany/NochtspeicherDream Syndicate
2019-10-14København, Denmark/LoppenDream Syndicate
2019-10-13Oslo, Norway/John DeeDream Syndicate
2019-06-22Roma, Italy/MonkDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-06-21Fiorano Modenese (MO), Italy/Teatro AstoriaDream Syndicate
2019-06-20Cesenatico (FC), Italy/Arena CappucciniDream Syndicate
2019-06-19Milano, Italy/Circolo MagnoliaDream Syndicate
2019-06-18Ancona, Italy/Corte Mole VanvitellianaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-06-01Chicago, IL, USA/The HideoutDream Syndicate
2019-05-31Chicago, Ill, USA/HideawayDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-05-17New York City, NY, USA/Mercury LoungeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-05-16New York City, NY, USA/Mercury LoungeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-05-11Sellersville, PA, USA/Sellersville TheaterDream Syndicate
2019-05-10Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveDream Syndicate
2019-05-07Hollywood, CA, USA/Amoeba MusicDream Syndicate
2019-04-09Boston, MA, USA/The Orpheum TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-04-08Glenside, PA, USA/Keswick TheaterDream Syndicate
2019-04-05Detroit, MI, USA/FillmoreDream Syndicate
2018-10-21Los Angeles, CA, USA/The RoxyDream Syndicate
2018-10-20Sacramento, CA, USA/HarlowsDream Syndicate
2018-10-17Seattle, WA, USA/The Neptune TheatreDream Syndicate
2018-09-01Tucson, AZ, USA/HocofestDream Syndicate
2018-06-29Avellino, Italy/Auditorium Conservatorio Domenico CimarosaDream Syndicate
2018-06-28Roma, Italy/MonkDream Syndicate
2018-06-27Gardone Riviera, Italy/Anfiteatro del VittorialeDream Syndicate
2018-06-26Sestri Levante, Italy/Teatro Arena ConchicliaDream Syndicate
2018-06-25Bologna, Italy/BotaniqueDream Syndicate
2018-06-23Vitoria, Spain/Azkena FestivalDream Syndicate
2018-05-05Cleveland, OH, USA/Beachland BallroomDream Syndicate
2018-04-21San Diego, CA, USA/The CasbahDream Syndicate
2018-04-20West Hollywood, CA, USA/The TroubadourDream Syndicate
2018-01-19Dallas, TX, USA/Granada ThreatreDream Syndicate
2018-01-06Washington DC, USA/Rock & Roll HotelDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2018-01-05Sellersville, PA, USA/Sellersville TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-12-16San Francisco, CA, USA/The IndependentDream Syndicate
2017-12-15Los Angeles, CA, USA/El Rey TheaterDream Syndicate
2017-12-09Raleigh, NC, USA/The Stag's Head Music HallDream Syndicate
2017-12-07Nashville, TN, USA/High WattDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-12-06St. Louis, MO, USA/Off BroadwayDream Syndicate
2017-12-03Columbus, OH, USA/Ace of CupsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-12-02New York City, NY, USA/Bowery BallroomDream Syndicate
2017-12-01Somerville, MA, USA/OnceDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-11-04Athina, Greece/Fuzz ClubDream Syndicate
2017-11-03Louvain , Belgium/Het DepotDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-11-01Leeds, U.K./The BrudenellDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-31London, U.K./The LexingtonDream Syndicate
2017-10-30London, U.K./The LexingtonDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-28Zürich, Switzerland/El LokalDream Syndicate
2017-10-27Bologna, Italy/LocomotivDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-26Segrate MI, Italy/Circolo MagnoliaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-25Torino, Italy/Spazio211Dream Syndicate
2017-10-24Paris, France/Centre Barbara Fleury Goutte-d’Or (FGO)Dream Syndicate
2017-10-23Amsterdam, Holland/ParadisoDream Syndicate
2017-10-22Groningen, Holland/VeraDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-20Bonn, Germany/HarmonieDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-19Hamburg, Germany/Uebel & GefährlichDream Syndicate
2017-10-18København, Denmark/Lille VegaDream Syndicate
2017-10-17Malmö, Sweden/Folk å RockDream Syndicate
2017-10-16Stockholm, Sweden/Kägelbanan Södra TeaternDream Syndicate
2017-10-15Göteborg, Sweden/PustervikDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-10-14Oslo, Norway/RockefellerDream Syndicate
2017-09-30Seattle, WA, USA/Tractor TavernDream Syndicate
2017-09-30/KEXP studioDream Syndicate
2017-09-29Portland, OR, USA/Star TheaterDream Syndicate
2017-07-30Camden, NJ, USA/XPoNential FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-05-20Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2017-05-19Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveDream Syndicate
2017-05-18Harrisburg, PA, USA/Harrisburg Midtown Arts CenterDream Syndicate
2015-12-05 Richmond, VA, USA/Strange MatterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-11-22Los Angeles, CA, USA/The EchoplexDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-11-16Brooklyn, NY, USA/Rough TradeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-11-15Brooklyn, NY, USA/Rough TradeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-09-27Atlanta, GA, USA/The EarlDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-09-26Atlanta, GA, USA/The EarlDream Syndicate
2014-08-31Seattle, WA, USA/BumbershootDream Syndicate
2014-08-31Seattle, WA, USA/KEXPDream Syndicate
2014-08-29Portland, OR, USA/Doug FirDream Syndicate
2014-06-07St. Louis, MO, USA/The WoodhouseDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-06-07St. Louis, MO, USA/Off BroadwayDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-05-10Zaragoza, Spain/Club ExplosivoDream Syndicate
2014-05-08Santiago, Spain/CapitolDream Syndicate
2014-05-07Madrid, Spain/Moby DickDream Syndicate
2014-05-05Milano, Italy/Live Club Trezzo Sul'addaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-05-04Roncade, Italy/New Age Underground ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-05-03København, Denmark/LoppenDream Syndicate
2014-05-02Stockholm, Sweden/NalenDream Syndicate
2014-05-01Lessines, Belgium/Roots and Roses FestivalDream Syndicate
2014-02-08Toronto, ON, Canada/Garrison'sDream Syndicate
2014-01-25Todos Santos, Mexico/Todos Santos Music FestivalDream Syndicate
2013-12-06Los Angeles, CA, USA/The Fonda TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-12-05San Francisco, CA, USA/The FillmoreDream Syndicate
2013-11-23Chicago, IL, USA/Old Town SchoolDream Syndicate
2013-11-22Cleveland, OH, USA/Beachland BallroomDream Syndicate
2013-07-20Halden, Norway/Rød HerregårdDream Syndicate
2013-07-19Tromsø, Norway/Bukta FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-06-22North Adams, MA, USA/Mass MoCADream Syndicate
2013-06-01Athina, Greece/Gagarin 205Dream Syndicate
2013-05-31Larissa, Greece/StageDream Syndicate
2013-05-30Thessaloniki, Greece/MylosDream Syndicate
2013-05-29Mezzago, Italy/BloomDream Syndicate
2013-05-28Ravenna, Italy/Beaches Brew FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-05-28Ravenna, Italy/Hanna Bi, Beaches BrewThe Dream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-05-26Köln, Germany/StadtgartenDream Syndicate
2013-05-25Oslo, Norway/RockefellerDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-05-24London, U.K./DingwallsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-05-23Leuven, Belgium/Het DepotDream Syndicate
2013-05-22Nijmegen, Holland/Cafe TrianonDream Syndicate
2013-05-21Nijmegen, Holland/Cafe TrianonDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2012-09-29Bilbao, Spain/La CasillaDream Syndicate
2012-09-27Mallorca, Spain/Teatre LlosetaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2012-09-25Madrid, Spain/El SolDream Syndicate
2012-09-22Valencia, Spain/Wah Wah ClubDream Syndicate
2012-09-21Barcelona, Spain/Bam FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1991-09-04Los Angeles, CA, USA/The PalaceDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-12-19San Francisco, CA, USA/I BeamDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-12-06New Orleans, LA, USA/Tipitina'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-12-06New Orleans, LA, USA/Tipitina'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-11-26Chicago, IL, USA/Cabaret MetroDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-11-24Toronto, Canada/RPM ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-11-11Philadelphia, PA, USA/Chestnut CabaretDream Syndicate
1988-11-09Syracuse, NY, USA/UndergroundDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-11-07London, U.K./Town And Country ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-29Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain/The EndDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-25Toulouse, France/Le BikiniDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-24Paris, France/Elysée MontmartreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-23Brussel, Belgium/Ancienne BelgiqueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-22Den Bosch, Holland/Willem IIDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-21Wageningen, Holland/UnitasDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-20Leiden, Holland/LVCDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-18København, Denmark/LoppenDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-15Bergen, Norway/HandelshøyskoleDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-14Stavanger, Norway/FolketeateretDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-12Oslo, Norway/Sardine'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-05Helsinki, Finland/Tavastia ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-10-00Malmö, Sweden/KulturbolagetDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-09-28Hamburg, Germany/LogoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-09-25Frankfurt, Germany/CookysDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-09-24München, Germany/SchlachthofDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-09-23Wien, Austria/ArenaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-09-19London, U.K./DingwallsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-08-06Turku, Finland/RuisrockDream Syndicate
1988-07-14Santa Monica, CA, USA/KCRW StudiosDream Syndicate
1988-06-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-04-03San Francisco, CA, USA/Music WorksDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-04-02Berkeley, CA, USA/Berkeley SquareDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1988-04-01Los Angeles, CA, USA/Music MachineDream Syndicate
1988-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1988-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1988-03-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/StudioDream Syndicate
1988-01-30Hollywood, CA, USA/Raji'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-11-29Los Angeles, CA, USA/Variety Arts CenterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-10-24Los Angeles, CA, USA/Music MachineDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-17Pisa, Italy/Parco PisaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-14Pireas, Greece/Veakio AmphitheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-13Pireas, Greece/Veakio AmphitheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-10Lungomare Zara, Italy/Parco Chico MendezDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-09Cesena, Italy/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-08Gallarate, Italy/Cortile BrolettoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-06Regio Emilia, Italy/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-05Roskilde, Denmark/Roskilde FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-04Utrecht, Holland/TivoliDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-03Amsterdam, Holland/ParadisoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-07-02Groningen, Holland/VeraDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-04-30Los Angeles, CA, USA/Whiskey A Go GoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-03-06Santa Monica, CA, USA/McCabe's Guitar ShopDream Syndicate
1987-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/StudioDream Syndicate
1987-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-12-12Sydney, Australia/Kardomah CaféDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-12-11Sydney, NSW, Australia/Kardomah CafeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-12-06St. Kilda, Australia/Prince Of WalesDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-12-04Melbourne, Australia/ChasensDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-27Amsterdam, Holland/ParadisoDream Syndicate
1986-11-26Groningen, Holland/Radio StadDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-26Groningen, Holland/VeraDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-17Milano, Italy/Prego ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-16Collegno, Italy/TentastudioDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-13Stuttgart, Germany/Maxim'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-12Berlin, Germany/QuasimodoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-11Hamburg, Germany/Knopf's Music HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-10København, Denmark/MontmatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-08Göteborg, Sweden/ErrolsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-07Lund, Sweden/Pub SpartaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-04Stockholm, Sweden/Hard Rock CaféDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-00Unknown City, Spain/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-10-12Los Angeles, CA, USA/Charley's ObsessionDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-10-06San Francisco, CA, USA/I BeamDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-28Nashville, TN, USA/Exit InDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-24Charlotte, NC, USA/Milestone ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-23Raleigh, NC, USA/The BreweryDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-17New York City, NY, USA/CBGB'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-16Ithaca, NY, USA/The HauntDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-14Hoboken, NJ, USA/Maxwell'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-09-03Champaign, IL, USA/Mabel'sDream Syndicate
1986-09-00Ann Arbor, MI, USA/The Michigan UnionDream Syndicate
1986-08-28Austin, TX, USA/Continental ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-08-22San Diego, CA, USA/Spirit NightclubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-08-17Huntington Beach, CA, USA/Safari SamDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-19London, U.K./CricketersDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-16Hamburg, Germany/MarkthalleDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-15Dortmund, Germany/Live StationDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-14Nürnberg, Germany/RühersaallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-13München, Germany/AlabamahalleDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-09Athina, Greece/AlsosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-05Roskilde, Denmark/Roskilde FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-07-03Firenze, Italy/TenaxDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-28Vitoria, Spain/Sala The EndDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-27Madrid, Spain/UniversalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-23Paris, France/Rex ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-21Glastonbury, U.K./Glastonbury FestivalDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-18Harlesden, U.K./The Mean FiddlerDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-15Amsterdam, Holland/MelkwegDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-06-11Stockholm, Sweden/Moderna Museets TrädgardDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-05-09Los Angeles, CA, USA/Cooperage at UCLADream Syndicate
1986-02-27Santa Monica, CA, USA/KCRW studiosDream Syndicate
1986-02-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/StudioDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-01-22Los Angeles, CA, USA/Club LingerieDream Syndicate
1986-01-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/Eldorado StudiosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-10-14Berkeley, CA, USA/SquareDream Syndicate
1985-10-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1985-10-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1985-09-27Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-08-21Hollywood, CA, USA/Cathay De GrandeDream Syndicate
1985-08-09Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
1985-08-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-18Ann Arbor, MI, USA/RicksDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-17Cleveland, OH, USA/Peabodys Down UnderDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-16Rochester, NY, USA/ScorgiesDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-14Washington DC/9:30 ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-13Hoboken, NJ, USA/Maxwell'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-12New Haven, CT, USA/The GrottoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-09Providence, RI, USA/Unknown venueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-00New York City, NY, USA/Irving PlazaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-00Boston, MA, USA/ChannelDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-05-22Los Angeles, CA, USA/Ackerman HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-05-20San Francisco, CA, USA/I BeamDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-05-18Los Angeles, CA, USA/Al's BarDream Syndicate
1985-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1985-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
1985-03-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/AuditionDream Syndicate
1985-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RoughsDream Syndicate
1985-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1984-12-16Tokyo, Japan/Shibuya KokaidoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-12-16Tokyo, Japan/Shibuya KokaidoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-12-13Tokyo, Japan/Tsubaki HouseDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-11-30San Francisco, CA, USA/Wolfgang'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-11-29Palo Alto, CA, USA/Unknown venueDream Syndicate
1984-11-26Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1984-10-09Madrid, Spain/TVEDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-10-07London, U.K./MarqueeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-10-02Frankfurt, Germany/BatschkappDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-30Münster, Germany/OdeonDream Syndicate
1984-09-28München, Germany/AlabamahalleDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-26Hamburg, Germany/MarkthalleDream Syndicate
1984-09-25Groningen, Holland/CircustentDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-24Paris, France/Bain DouchesDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-21Rotterdam, Holland/Pandora Festival, De DoelenDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-20Bochum, Germany/ZecheDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-19Detmold, Germany/Hunky DoryDream Syndicate
1984-09-17Oslo, Norway/RatsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-15Stockholm, Sweden/RitzDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-14Stockholm, Sweden/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
1984-09-13Lund, Sweden/Smålands NationDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-10London, U.K./DingwallsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-06Washington, DC, USA/9:30 ClubDream Syndicate
1984-08-10Austin, TX, USA/Liberty LunchDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-08-08New Orleans, LA, USA/Jimmy'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-08-05Miami Beach, FL, USA/Flynn'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-28Atlanta, GA, USA/Fox TheaterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-27Greensboro, NC, USA/War Memorial AuditoriumDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-25Virginia Beach, VA, USA/Pavilion Towers BallroomDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-24Washington, DC, USA/Warner TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-22New York City, NY, USA/Beacon TheaterDream Syndicate
1984-07-21New York City, NY, USA/Beacon TheaterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-20Hartford, CT, USA/West Hartford Agora BallroomDream Syndicate
1984-07-19Boston, MA, USA/Orpheum TheaterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-17East Setauket, Long Island, NY, USA/Good Skates Roller Rink, Port Haven Music HallDream Syndicate
1984-07-16Wildwood, NJ, USA/The PlaypenDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-15Buffalo, NY, USA/Salty Dog SaloonDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-13Toronto, Canada/Concert HallDream Syndicate
1984-07-12Montreal, Canada/Le SpectrumDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-11Rochester, NY, USA/Minnett HallDream Syndicate
1984-07-10Detroit, MI, USA/Variety TheaterDream Syndicate
1984-07-08Detroit, MI, USA/Royal Oak Music TheaterDream Syndicate
1984-07-07Chicago, IL, USA/Aragon BallroomDream Syndicate
1984-07-06Milwaukee, WI, USA/Summerfest RockstageDream Syndicate
1984-07-03Denver, CO, USA/Rainbow Music HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-07-02Glenwood Springs, CO, USA/The Bamboo Bar, Hotel ColoradoDream Syndicate
1984-07-01Salt Lake City, UT, USA/State Fairgrounds ColiseumDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-30Boise, ID, USA/Mardi Gras ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-28Vancouver, BC, Canada/Commodore BallroomDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-27Seattle, WA, USA/Music HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-26Portland, OR, USA/Starry NightDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-24San Francisco, CA, USA/Warfield TheaterDream Syndicate
1984-06-22Hollywood, CA, USA/Hollywood PalladiumDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-18Santa Barbara, CA, USA/Mission TheaterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-17Santa Cruz, CA, USA/The CatalystDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-06-16Fresno, CA, USA/The Star PalaceDream Syndicate
1984-06-00Berkeley, CA, USA/KLAX RadioDream Syndicate
1984-02-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/Dream Syndicate
1984-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1983-11-13Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
1983-11-06Los Angeles, CA, USA/Dream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-10-06New York City, NY, USA/CBGC'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-09-08San Francisco, CA, USA/The StoreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-09-07Berkeley, CA, USA/The Keystone ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-08-13Reseda, CA, USA/Country ClubDream Syndicate
1983-08-08Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1983-07-26Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
1983-07-25Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-07-14San Francisco, CA, USA/WolfgangsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-07-08New York City, NY, USA/Peppermint LoungeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-07-02Cambridge, MA, USA/In Square Men's BarDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-26Minneapolis, MN, USA/1st AvenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-22Cleveland, OH, USA/Agora BallroomDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-17Rochester, NY, USA/ScorgiesDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-06Nashville, TN, USA/CantrelsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-05New York City, NY, USA/Folk CityDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-03New Orleans, LA, USA/Tupelo's TavernDream Syndicate
1983-05-25Vancouver, BC, Canada/Queen Elizabeth TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-22Minneapolis, MN, USA/Northrop Auditorium (University Of Minnesota)Dream Syndicate
1983-05-21Chicago, IL, USA/Aragon BallroomDream Syndicate
1983-05-20Detroit, MI, USA/Grand Circus TheaterDream Syndicate
1983-05-19Cleveland, OH, USA/Music HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-17Toronto, Canada/Massey HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-16Buffalo, NY, USA/Shea CenterDream Syndicate
1983-05-14Philadelphia, PA, USA/Tower TheaterDream Syndicate
1983-05-13Philadelphia, PA, USA/Tower TheaterDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-12Passaic, NJ, USA/Capitol TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-11New York City, NY, USA/PalladiumDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-10Yale, CT, USA/Woolsey HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-07Reseda, CA, USA/Country ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-04-22El Sereno, CA, USA/The VoxDream Syndicate
1983-04-19Los Angeles/AuditionDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-04-15Los Angeles, CA, USA/Music MachineDream Syndicate
1983-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1983-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-25Los Angeles, CA, USA/The RoxyDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-14Minneapolis, MN, USA/First AvenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-12Milwaukee, WI, USA/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-09Leavenworth, KS, USA/Federal PenitentiaryDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-07Champaign, IL, USA/MablesDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-05Detroit, MI, USA/Paycheck's LoungeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-03-00Denver, CO, USA/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-28New Haven, CT, USA/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-23New York City, NY, USA/Folk CityDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-21Providence, RI, USA/The Living RoomDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-20Boston, MA, USA/The RatDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-12Hoboken, NJ, USA/Maxwell'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-10Washington DC/Nightclub 930Dream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-10Washington DC/Nightclub 930Dream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-02-08New Orleans, LA, USA/Jimmy'sDream Syndicate
1983-02-06Austin, TX, USA/Soap Creek SaloonDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-01-29Los Angeles, CA, USA/Music MachineDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-01-12Los Angeles, CA, USA/The RoxyDream Syndicate
1983-01-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/Club LingerieDream Syndicate
1983-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1983-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1983-00-00Boston, MA, USA/Unknown VenueDream Syndicate
1983-00-00New Hope, PA, USA/ZadersDream Syndicate
1983-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/Dream Syndicate
1982-12-27Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1982-12-04Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-12-02Tuscon, AZ, USA/BackstageDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-11-20San Diego, CA, USA/Adams Ave TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-11-19Santa Monica, CA, USA/CivicDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-10-23Los Angeles, CA, USA/Anti ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-10-04Santa Monica, CA, USA/Music MachineDream Syndicate
1982-10-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-09-21Los Angeles, CA, USA/The ZzzzDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-09-18Reseda, CA, USA/Rissmiller'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-09-05Los Angeles, CA, USA/KPFK StudiosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-07-24Reseda, CA, USA/Country ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-07-21San Francisco, CA, USA/Old WaldorfDream Syndicate
1982-07-10El Toro, CA, USA/Tower RecordsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-07-03Los Angeles, CA, USA/Al's BarDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-06-11Los Angeles, CA, USA/Cathay De GrandeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-06-04Los Angeles, CA, USA/Whiskey A Go GoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-05-15Davis, CA, USA/CoffeehouseDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-05-14Berkeley, CA, USA/SquareDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-05-08Passadena, CA, USA/1313 Mockingbird LaneDream Syndicate
1982-05-06Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-05-01Los Angeles, CA, USA/Cathay De GrandeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-03-27Phoenix, AZ, USA/Salty DogDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-03-27Phoenix, AZ, USA/Salty DogDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-03-26Phoenix, AZ, USA/Salty DogDream Syndicate
1982-02-24Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-02-13Los Angeles, CA, USA/Lace GalleryDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-01-23Los Angeles, CA, USA/Lingerie ClubDream Syndicate
1982-01-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1982-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1982-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1982-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1982-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
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