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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 4 - rare/unreleased/live Dream Syndicate

Release April, 1999

  • Cover by Didier Georgieff (dgieff@sdv.fr)
  • This collection was put together by Pat Thomas(normalsf@grin.net)

    Liner Notes :

    It's Gonna Be Alright � the first Dream Syndicate release from the Pat Thomas archives. Ok, finally after months of promises, I sat down and complied the first CD from my personal archives. Since we have already released a bunch of Stave's solo material, I figured it was time for a Dream Syndicate CD.
    1 The first song is John Coltrane Stereo Blues, a studio out take from the Medicine Show sessions and different from the version on the It's Too Late To Stop Now CD. Actually its more like a rehearsal or run thru version, although I assume they recorded a bunch of versions, never knowing until the end what the best one would be. Sad to say, I have no other studio versions of JCSB, I have now given up both versions I had.
    2 As you may have read in old interviews with Steve, the band made a bunch of demos for A&M after they reformed with Paul Cutler on guitar - and A&M kept rejecting the new material and sending them back into the studio to record more new songs. Finally Steve asked to be let go from his A&M record deal, and the band eventually recorded for Big Time. Here is the Blood Money demo forA&M, recorded 9/27/85 and produced by Greg Edward.(whoever he is ??)
    3 Years ago, my friend Fred Mills laid a tape on me from the Milestone Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, recorded 9/24/86. This is from the same show that Fred was also kind enough to write about in the first and only issue of the John Goltrane Stereo News fanzine. Here is a little sample of that magical night with Until Lately.
    4 Steve was a fan and friend of Green On Red and here is a quick and off the cuff version of 16 Ways played by the Dream Syndicate during the Out Of The Grey sessions. There is plenty more quick and dirty cover versions from the same tape, including No One To Depend On by Santana.
    5 Towards the end of the Dream Syndicate, Steve started the acoustic Steve Wynn Quartet featuring various pals like Chris Cacavas, Robert Lloyd and sometimes Mark Walton. They often played around LA, when the Dream Syndicate themselves were not busy. Here is a rare acoustic performance of Daddy's Girl by the Dream Syndicate, (not the SWQ) at McCabes, Los Angeles on 1/15/88. I was there that night and Dennis, Steve, Mark, and Paul played a full set of acoustic material before plugging in and switching on.
    6 Too Little, Too Late was recorded at Club Lingerie, Los Angeles on 1/23/82, which from what I can tell, was the Dream Syndicate's first show ever! I think you agree that it is great to Kendra singing live with the band......
    7 Suzy Q is 17 minutes and 45 seconds of joy at a small club called Zaders, New Hope, PA with Kari in 1983, exact date unknown. There is also a long winded version of Evil Ways (Santana again) right after the song on the original tape. This song gives you an idea of the very early days of the band when they would only play 3 or 4 very long songs during an entire rehearsal or performance.
    8 We then travel to the Keystone, Berkeley on 9/7/83 for Then She Remembers.
    9 It's Gonna Be Alright is an early version of John Coltrane Stereo Blues from the Music Machine, Los Angeles 1/29/83. The song was also known as Open Hour and there is also an early version to be found on the KPFK Live CD. I am sorry to say that my tape cuts off at the very end of the song, so we lose a minute or two of the song.
    10 For an encore, I present Bend In The Road from a Steve solo acoustic show, at the Mean Fiddler, London 3/18/87. Dan Stuart was in London as well, so he makes a special surprise appearance. A Dream Syndicate roadie also happened to be there, and he played a few songs with Steve on harmonica. I have forgotten his name.
    Ok, there you have it. Hope you enjoy the show, and there is more where this came from.
    Pat Thomas San Francisco May 11th 1999

    The Tracks

    1. John Coltrane Stereo Blues   studio out take from the Medicine Show sessions. different from the version on the It's Too Late To Stop Now CD
    2. Blood Money demo for A&M, recorded 9/27/85 produced by Greg Edward
    3. Until Lately Milestone club, Charlotte, NC 9/24/86 (thanks to FM)
    4. 16 Ways a little Green On Red as played by the Dream Syndicate during the Out Of The Grey sessions
    5. Daddy's Girl (acoustic) special Syndicate acoustic show (not the Steve Wynn quartet) at McCabes, Los Angeles 1/15/88
    6. Too Little, Too Late Club Lingerie, Los Angeles 1/23/82 from their first show ever.
    7. Suzy Q Zaders, New Hope, PA with Karl in 1983, exact date unknown 17 minutes and 45 seconds of joy
    8. Then She Remembers Keystone, Berkeley 9/7/83
    9. It's Gonna Be Alright (an early version of John Coltrane Stereo Blues) Music Machine, Los Angeles 1/29/83 (tape cuts off at the very end)
    10. Bend In The Road (Danny and Dusty acoustic). Steve with Dan Stuart and a harmonica player from a Steve solo acoustic show, Mean Fiddler, London 3/18/87
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