Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Kulturbolaget on 1998-02-20

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DateFeb 20, 1998+
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STEVE WYNN--guitar, vocals
KIRK SWAN--guitar

From Steve Wynn's diary:
Last night's show in Malmo was an unexpected treat, our biggest turnout of the tour so far, a fun set and an audience that greeted me with a rousing "Happy Birthday To You" as we came on for the second encore. so strange to stand on a stage and watch the audience sing to you, a nice role reversal that never gets boring. My friends Kjell and Mia brought an activity-box of gifts with kinderEggs, yo-yo, music trivia games and other various fun stuff and I have been regaled by wonderful gifts and good tidings from my bandmates including a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans from Linda, just the thing to deny the necessity of sleep for just a few more days. Tonight we will play Aalborg and I will milk the birthday occasion by insisting on a tour highlight meal, some kind of self-indulgent set list (a full night of "Coltrane?" we'll see) and a late-night hotel room dance party with my pals. Kirk and Kurt both took me aside last night during solos to wish me a fine birthday and if you wonder what musicians are saying to each other on stage when you can't see or hear, well that could be a clue.
1When You Smile[+]
2Silver Lining[+]
3Black Magic[+]
6This Deadly Game[+]
7Shelley's Blues, pt. 2[+]
9Tears Won't Help[+]
10In Love With Everyone[+]
13happy birthsday, Steve
14Sweetness And Light[+]
15The Medicine Show[+]

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Steve Wynn Quartet Kulturbolaget Malmo╠ł Sweden 20 feb 1998 Full Show (by Rolling Rockvideos)

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