Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Codfish Hollow Barn on 2014-08-12

File UnderThe Baseball Project
DateAug 12, 2014+
TaperJeff Regan
LMA Stevewynn2014-08-12.baseballProjectFlac
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The Band
Scott McCaughey
Mike Mills
Steve Wynn
Linda Pitmon
2They Are The Oakland A's[+]
4The Yankee Flipper[+]
5Monument Park[+]
6Pascual On The Perimeter[+]
7The Day Dock Went Hunting Heads[+]
8Hola America[+]
9Fair Weather Fans[+]
10Ichiro Goes To The Moon[+]
11Tony (Boston's Chosen Son)[+]
12From Nails To Thumbtacks[+]
13Take Me Out To The Ball Game[+]
14Harvey Haddix[+]
15To The Veterans Committee[+]
16Ted Fucking Williams[+]
17Past Time[+]
18Extra Inning Of Love
19A Boy Named Cy[+]
20Panda and The Freak[+]
21(Don't Go Back To) Rockville[+]

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(Don't Go Back To) Rockville[+]

The Baseball Project - "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville" live @Codfish Hollow Barn (by Tony Schmidt)

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