File UnderSteve Wynn
DateJul 05, 2002+
[SW] Steve Wynn
[WSH] Walter Salas-Humara (Silos)
[RF] Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy)
[DV] Deanna Varagona (Lambchop)

1001 Goodbye to a touch [Charlotte Grieg]
1002 From The Heart Down [Charlotte Grieg]
1003 Senseless Thing [Charlotte Grieg]
1004 Loosing [Charlotte Grieg]

1005 intro "Fixing the Lights..."
1006 Notes From The Waiting Room [RF]
1007 Commodore Peter [WSH]
1008 Hesitation [DV]
1009 Merritville [SW]
1010 Fare Thee Well [RF]
1011 When The Telephone Rings [WSH]
1012 Forget To Breath [DV]
1013 Southern California Line [SW]
1014 Day Is Passed And Gone [RF]
1015 Holding On To Life [WSH]

2001 Take My Shovel [DV]
2002 My Old Haunts [SW]
2003 Ghost Of The Girl In The Well [RF]
2004 Susan Across The Ocean [WSH]
2005 Running So Long [DV]
2006 "band introduction" [RF]
2007 There Will Come A Day [SW]

Encores 1
2008 The Trails Of Harrison "High Weed" Hayes [RF]
2009 You Ain't Going Nowhere [SW, DV, SW, RF] - Bob Dylan
2010 "outro"

Encores 2
2011 Goodbye Kiss [DV]
2012 Look Both Ways [SW]

1001 - 1004: Charlotte Grieg; opening act
1005 - 2007: SONGWRITER CIRCLE (main act)


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