File UnderSteve Wynn
DateJul 10, 2002+
Steve Wynn
Walter Salas-Humara (Silos)
Deanna Varagona (Lambchop)
Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy)

01. Suffering, Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy)
02. Commodore Peter, Walter Salas-Humara (Silos)
03. Boston, Steve Wynn
04. Notes from the Waiting Room, Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy)
05. Susan Across the Ocean, Walter Salas-Humara (Silos)
06. Carolyn, Steve Wynn
07. xx, Robert Fisher
08. Find a Way, WSH
09. Southern California Line, Steve Wynn
10. Day is Passed and Gone, Robert Fisher
11. Get Out, WSH
12. There Will Come a Day, Steve Wynn
13. The Ballad of John Parker, Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy)
14. When the Telephone Rings, Walter Salas-Humara (Silos)
15. The Days of Wine and Roses, Steve Wynn
16. The Trials of Harrison Hayes, Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy)
17. Holding On To Life, Walter Salas-Humara (Silos)
18. Merritville, STeve Wynn
19. Look Both ways Steve wynn

Oh, and Miss Varagona is nowhere to be seen on this. She skipped this show.


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