Tape: Gutterball Live at Livestock on 2015-08-29

File UnderGutterball
DateAug 29, 2015+
RecordingAdobe Audition CC-> CD Wave Editor v1.98-> Trader's Little Helper v2.70-> FLAC
TaperBill Holtzheimer
LMA gutterball2015-08-29.km150.flac16
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Steve Wynn – Guitar, lead vocals
Stephen McCarthy – Guitar, vocals
Bob Rupe – Bass, guitar, vocals
Armistead Welford - Guitar, bass, vocals
Johnny Hott – Drums

A rare live appearance by Gutterball, playing at the 13th annual Livestock Music Festival. Bob Rupe and Armistead Welford traded off
between bass and guitar all night...I didn't keep track of what they played song by song.
1Sugar Fix[+]
3Motorcycle Boy[+]
4Patent Leather Shoes[+]
5Lester Young[+]
6Is There Something I Should Know?[+]
7Blessing In Disguise[+]
8When You Make Up Your Mind[+]
9Falling From The Sky[+]
10Your Best Friend[+]
11Trial Separation Blues[+]
12Top Of The Hill[+]
13Think It Over[+]

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Gutterball - Sugar Fix (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Transparency (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Lester Young (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Is There Something I Should Know? (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Blessing In Disguise (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Your Best Friend (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Falling From The Sky (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - When You Make Up Your Mind (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Think It Over (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Trial Separation Blues (8 29 15) (by rawdetroit)

Gutterball - Top Of The Hill (8-29-15) (by rawdetroit)

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