File UnderThe Dream Syndicate
DateJun 21, 2019
LMA ds2019-06-21
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1The Whole World's Watching[+]
2When You Smile[+]
3The Way In[+]
4Put Some Miles On[+]
5Filter Me Through You[+]
6Black Light[+]
7Out of My Head
8How Did I Find Myself Here[+]
9Bullet Holes[+]
10Recovery Mode[+]
12That's What You Always Say[+]
13Definitely Clean[+]
15Still Here Now[+]
16The Side I'll Never Show[+]
17John Coltrane Stereo Blues[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive ds2019-06-21


The Dream Syndicate, Fiorano Modenese, 21 june 2019 (by Alberto de Sanctis)

The Dream Syndicate - Live at Teatro Astoria - Definitely Clean (Fiorano Modenese, 21-6-2019) (by Giro)

The Dream Syndicate - Live at Teatro Astoria - Halloween (Fiorano Modenese, 21-6-2019) (by Giro)

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