Sam Lapides - We've Walked These Streets(2002)

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Title : We've Walked These Streets
Release Month/Year : /2002
Serial : ircd014
Copyright : Inbetweens Records

Sam Lapised - ircd014
From Inbetween :
"Sam Lapides’ new solo album spans recording studios across the U.S.A. and Europe. WE’VE WALKED THESE STREETS began in Boston where he recorded the title track and some other cuts. In Los Angeles he finished writing and recording the album which included a pre-dinner studio recording of the DREAM SYNDICATE’S "Merritville" with the songs penman, Steve Wynn. The album was mastered in late 2001 outside of Amsterdam. Why span the globe to record an album? "It’s the rock and roll dream to see the world and the title calls for travel!" Lapides admits." [more info]


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