Steve Wynn - Riding Shotgun(2004)

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Title : Riding Shotgun
Released on Feb 28, 2004
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Rifing Shotgun
The followup to 1998's "Advertisements for Myself" (now out-of-print), this is a limited edition, promo-only collection of Steve's darker, more noir-oriented songs from the last five years. All of the songs have been previously released but the stunning digipack doubles as a lovely pulp fiction coffee table ornament. If you've missed out on the recent CDs by Steve Wynn, this is a good place to start.


1/AmphetamineSteve Wynn
2/SustainSteve Wynn
3/The Devil's Not That KindSteve Wynn,James Mastro
4/Death Valley RainSteve Wynn,Linda Pitmon
5/Topanga Canyon FreaksSteve Wynn,Linda Pitmon
6/Nothing But The ShellSteve Wynn,Eric Ambel
7/James River IncidentSteve Wynn,Stephen McCarthy
8/My MidnightSteve Wynn,Kurt Ralske
9/Southern California LineSteve Wynn
10/HollywoodSteve Wynn
11/BlackoutSteve Wynn
12/The Last One StandingPaco Loco,Steve Wynn
13/Smash Myself To BitsSteve Wynn
14/There Will Come A DaySteve Wynn
15/Fond FarewellSteve Wynn,Polar
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