Steve Wynn - What I Did After My band Broke Up(2005)

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Title : What I Did After My band Broke Up
Released on Mar 22, 2005
Serial :
Copyright : Down There/DBK Works

What I Did Before My band Broke Up - Cover
"What I Did After My Band Broke Up" + bonus disc (Down There/DBK Works) is the first anthology of Steve's solo career that began after the Dream Syndicate split up in 1989. This CD contains 17 songs that span the years between 1990's "Kerosene Man" and 2003's "Static Transmission". Beautifully remastered with cool packaging. Steve's song-by-song commentary is a great read as you trip darkly through his past.

The bonus disc (called "Visitation Rights") contains 14 of Steve's songs rearranged for piano and vocal - recently recorded with co-conspirator/pal Chris Cacavas. This 2-CD set is priced as a single disc and will be released on March 22, 2005, but you can pre-order your copy here on the website. Just click on the Store/Merchandise page to see the track listing and order now!


1/1AmphetamineSteve Wynn
2/1SustainSteve Wynn
3/1CarelesslySteve Wynn
4/1DragSteve Wynn
5/1Nothing But The ShellSteve Wynn,Eric Ambel
6/1Shelley's Blues, pt. 2Steve Wynn
7/1Death Valley RainSteve Wynn,Linda Pitmon
8/1Black MagicSteve Wynn
9/1Tears Won't HelpSteve Wynn
10/1Collision CourseSteve Wynn
11/1There Will Come A DaySteve Wynn
12/1What Comes AfterSteve Wynn
13/1Cats And DogsSteve Wynn
14/1Conspiracy Of The HeartSteve Wynn,Johnette Napolitano
15/1WhySteve Wynn
16/1CarolynSteve Wynn
17/1500 Girl MorningsSteve Wynn,Johnny Hott
1/2My FamilySteve Wynn
2/2Gospel 1Steve Wynn
3/2James River IncidentSteve Wynn,Stephen McCarthy
4/2DroughtSteve Wynn
5/2AnthemSteve Wynn
6/2For All I CareSteve Wynn
7/2Mandy BreakdownSteve Wynn
8/2RiversideSteve Wynn
9/2Follow MeSteve Wynn
10/2Crawling Misanthropic BluesSteve Wynn
11/2The Mask Of ShameSteve Wynn
12/2Something To Remember Me BySteve Wynn
13/2What We Call LoveSteve Wynn
14/2EpilogueSteve Wynn
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