Tape: Gutterball Live at Fabrik on 1993-11-02

File UnderGutterball
DateNov 02, 1993+
RecordingSony WM D-6 w/Soundman OKMII Mics. Maxell XLIIS no Dolby
LMA gutter1993-11-02.flac16
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Steve Wynn
Stephen McCarthy
Bryan Harvey
Johnny Hott
Armistead Welford

I was able to fit it on one CD by trimming a brief amount of between song silence out.
This was one of my first recordings using the described setup. It went pretty well except for when the mic came unplugged from the deck during Preacher and the Prostitute, which is why there is a cut there. The tape flip wasn’t so graceful either, but so it goes. The recording certainly captures the cavernous feel of Fabrik, where I saw many shows while living in Hamburg. It’s not my best audience recording, but it’s well balanced and is a great snapshot of an amazing band.
1Lester Young[+]
2When You Make Up Your Mind[+]
4Motorcycle Boy[+]
5Think It Over[+]
6Trial Separation Blues[+]
7Top Of The Hill[+]
8The Preacher and The Prostitute[+]
9Turn Down The Heat[+]
10One By One[+]
11Falling From The Sky (Tape Flip/first part missing)[+]
14It's A Fucked Up World[+]
16The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]
17Blessing In Disguise[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive gutter1993-11-02.flac16


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