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Tape: Steve Wynn Live at DuranWoP Festival on 2011-10-01

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateOct 01, 2011+1 alternative recordings
TaperAlvaro Rey
LMA stevewynn2011-10-01.flac16
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Track 01-08: Steve Wynn Solo
Track 09-13: Steve Wynn with Walk On Project Band

Walk On Project Band:
Mikel Renteria: singer, lead guitar
Gorka Garcia: bass
Miguel Gonzalez: drums
Xabier Madina: guitar
Alex Iturbe: guitar, harmonica

Some notes from the taper:
Steve travelled from home to join the music festival DuranWoP. This festival has been organised by the Walk On Project, a Bilbao-based organization who works in the fight against neuronal diseases, which Steve kindly and generously supports.

Details of the Steve's appearances:
a. Steve plays guitar for the singer-songwriter Gari's performance. Gari sings in Basque language.
b. Steve plays guitar for the Walk On Project Band's performance in the song "Half My Life".
c. Steve's show (acoustic solo set + electric set supported by the Walk On Project Band)
Please, note that only c. is included in my taping. A YouTube video take of b. part has already been uploaded to http://traders.stevewynn.net/tape/5186

The sound quality has two different parts:
From the beginning until "Faith" the music sound quality is better, but there is too much audience noise. I hold the recorder, and a direct line array sound was recorded.
From "strange new world" on, there is a lesser music sound quality but much less audience noise. I left the recorder on the ground near the 1st row fence.
What is better? I really don't know.

Steve speaks Spanish to the audience almost all the time. He explains that this is his first acoustic performance in Bilbao area.

Miscellaneous pictures of the festival:
1The Days Of Wine And Roses (first few seconds missing)[+]
2Now I Ride Alone[+]
3There Will Come A Day[+]
4We Don't Talk About It[+]
5I Have Faith[+]
6Strange New World[+]
8See That My Grave Is Kept Clean[+]
10The Medicine Show[+]
12Like A Rolling Stone[+]

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Now I Ride Alone[+], [+]

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