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Tape: Steve Wynn Live at John D on 1998-02-27

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateFeb 27, 1998+
LMA stevewynn1998-02-27.flac16
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STEVE WYNN--guitar, vocals
KIRK SWAN--guitar

From Steve Wynn's diary:
And how was YOUR day? We began Friday morning by waking up in Bergen at 6am, only three hours after turning in from a wild show the night before. Hardly rock and roll hours (which ones are those exactly?) but a necessary wake-up time to make the treacherous mountain drive between Bergen and Oslo, which consists of 330 miles of windy, not-quite-two-lane roads through mountains that even in the best of weather would prove to be a difficult journey. This was hardly the best of weather and after five hours of driving through snow and ice and hail, the Red Volvo (containing myself, Linda, Kirk and Barry) found that we could make it no further. All roads to Oslo were officially closed, the roads back to Bergen were in the process of shutting down and we had no contact with the other van (containing Ford and Kurt) as we were the lucky holders of the cellular phone and they had little more than a tape deck and some Pixies tapes. We began plotting alternatives that didn't necessitate equipment OR a bass player (acoustic show, tap dancing) or even the dreaded cancellation (which I have done exactly one time in 16 years) and while neither seemed desirable we were living the entertainer's credo of "The show must go on" and finding any way of making it all happen. When finally Barry's mobile phone rang and Ford was on the other line, stuck somewhere about 30 miles down the road, all that was left was to race back to Bergen before the roads closed, hop on a plane to Oslo just in time to make it to the club by 8pm while poor indefatigueable Ford left to make the all-night drive that would bring the rented van and our equipment back to Boras where the broken white Renault (remember that van?) was fixed and waiting. In the meantime, we were rewarded for all of our efforts with the wildest, best- attended and maybe longest show of the tour and as we had a nightcap in our lovely and VERY welcome Oslo hotel room at 3am (what a 24 hours!), we thanked our lucky stars and wondered where such exhausting of ALL of our road karma would leave us in the future.
Somewhere I'm sure there is a tape (or maybe even a bootleg cd) floating around of this set and I guarantee that you've never heard a happier band in your life.
2Silver Lining[+]
3Black Magic[+]
4Shelley's Blues, pt. 2[+]
8This Deadly Game[+]
9What We Call Love[+]
11The Side I'll Never Show[+]
12Carry A Torch[+]
13Melting In The Dark[+]
14Tears Won't Help[+]
15Grace(first part missing)[+]
16That's What You Always Say[+]
19Bonnie And Clyde[+]
20Sweetness And Light[+]
22When You Smile[+]
23John Coltrane Stereo Blues[+]

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