Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Kapilio on 2003-01-17

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateJan 17, 2003+
Recordingno lineage information, received a couple of years ago in a good old-fashioned trade
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Recorded during a small promo tour where Steve played solo acoustic, with Jason Victor appearing on some songs as well.
1The Medicine Show[+]
2Strange New World[+]
3Tears Won't Help[+]
4Trial Separation Blues[+]
5Southern California Line[+]
6Nothing But The Shell[+]
7Tell Me When It's Over[+]
8Crawling Misanthropic Blues[+]
9The Side I'll Never Show[+]
10What Comes After[+]
11One Less Shining Star[+]
12California Style[+]
13If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It[+]
14There Will Come A Day[+]
15My Old Haunts[+]
16Look Both Ways[+]
17Baby, We All Gotta Go Down[+]
18The Blue Drifter[+]
19500 Girl Mornings[+]

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