Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Jammin' Java on 2006-02-17

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DateFeb 17, 2006+
RecordingBoth masters > Adobe Audtion > CD wave > Flac
TaperLarry Tucker
LMA Wynn2006-02-17
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Time: 1hr 43min

Due to media swaps during the recording you may note slight variations in sound. The media swaps were between songs so they have no effect on the music.It's only really apparent during the introductions to the members of Gutterball, where Steve's voice sounds off-mic, with the lower volume, but this is actually the mic recording only. When you hear the louder vocal it's due to the added soundboard recording.

I think you'll enjoy this. The bass was a slight bit boomy in the room but I was able to fix that fairly well I think. This was a pretty special night with the reunion of all the surviving members of Gutterball. Bryan Harvey died tragically last month.

If you want to burn this to two CDRs I'd suggest beginning disc two with the introduction to Gutterball (track 14), otherwise the show is continuous fromstart to end.
1Death Valley Rain[+]
2Cindy, It was always you[+]
3Southern California Line[+]
4What Comes After[+]
5When You Smile[+]
8No tomorrow[+]
9Wild Mercury[+]
10The deep end[+]
11Killing Me[+]
12That's What You Always Say[+]
14Intro to Gutterball
15Trial Separation Blues[+]
16Lester Young*[+]
17Motorcycle Boy*[+]
18When You Make Up Your Mind[+]
19Tell Me When It's Over / Definitely Clean[+]
20Too Little, Too Late[+]
21The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]

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