Tape: The Dream Syndicate Live at Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival on 1986-07-05

File UnderThe Dream Syndicate
DateJul 05, 1986+
RecordingMaster => cdr
TaperPat Thomas
LMA wynn1986-07-05.flac16
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The Dream Syndicate
Syndicated Dreams - Volume 6
Roskilde Festival, Denmark 05.07.1986

Cover by Didier Georgieff
Original soundboard recording made by Pat Thomas

1. Announcement 2:04
2. Tell Me When It's Over 3:39
3. Daddy's Girl 2:54
4. Forest For The Trees 4:39
5. Now I Ride Alone 4:36
6. Out Of The Grey 5:23
7. That's What You Always say 4:39
8. When You Smile 3:57
9. Boston / Moondance 6:00
10. The Medicine Show 6:54
11. John Coltrane Stereo Blues 12:58
12. Cinnamon Girl 5:24
13. The Lonely Bull 2:18
14. The Days Of Wine And Roses 5:17

This show was distributed on the Steve Wynn Yahoo Group CDR tree as
Syndicated Dreams Volume 6.
The Syndicated Dreams Series is organised by Jens Jakob Sørensen and is supported by Steve Wynn.
2Tell Me When It's Over[+]
3Daddy's Girl[+]
4Forest For The Trees[+]
5Now I Ride Alone[+]
6Out Of The Grey[+]
7That's What You Always Say[+]
8When You Smile[+]
10The Medicine Show[+]
11John Coltrane Stereo Blues[+]
12Cinnamon Girl[+]
13The Lonely Bull[+]
14The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]

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