Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Roots Cafe - Seidel's Bowling Alley on 2005-01-28

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateJan 28, 2005+
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TaperLarry Tucker
LMA wynn2005-01-28.aud.flac.16
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Even though I had access to the soundboard I elected to record using a room mic to fully capture the ambiance of the band playing in a bowling alley while other people actually bowled. Don't worry, it wasn't that noisy. This was a duckpin bowling with the smaller pins and even smaller balls, a sport that originated in the Baltimore area. The sound was terrfic though as I hope this recording attests. Tracks 5 thru 9 are new songs yet to recorded by the band who are planning on going into the studio in Tuscon, AZ next month.
1Death Valley Rain[+]
2California Style[+]
3What Comes After[+]
4There Will Come A Day[+]
6Freak Star[+]
7Wild Mercury[+]
9No tomorrow[+]
10Nothing But The Shell[+]
11Southern California Line[+]
12That's What You Always Say[+]
14The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]

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