Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Cultureel Podium Roepaen on 2006-05-21

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DateMay 21, 2006+
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Ok, here's one from the Europe may-june 2006 tour. Again a surprize, a stripped down acoustic show 'cause just like 2003 (Leiden, Q-bus april 15 2003) Linda Pitmon was not able to play the drumkit. It was searching for Steve in the beginning, he started with Jason Victor for 20 minutes. When Erik van Loo entered the stage, Steve found the vibe. Also Linda come up in her MC5 T-shirt to sing and play her tabourine. This gig was on a sunday afternoon in the "kitchenpub' of the hisoric monastery in Ottersum. A great place to see concerts. Steve said it was the best backstage he ever saw, included a Black Jack table ! Great setlist, great sundayafternoon !

Enjoy !

microphone vocals Steve: Shure Sm58 beta
microphone vocals Jason: Shure SM58
microphone vocals Erik: Shure SM58
microphone el. guitar Jason: AKG C451 B in front of his amp
microphone el. guitar Steve: AKG C451 B in front of his amp
microphone ac. guitar Steve: octava MK-012 omni / DI

line 1 left line out soundboard
line 2 right line out soundboard
line 3 microphone el. guitar Jason: AKG C451 B
line 4 ac. guitar Steve: octava MK-012 omni

recorded and mixed directly to 2-track DAT
2Armed With An Empty Gun[+]
4My Old Haunts[+]
5The Angels[+]
6Now I Ride Alone[+]
8How Can You Live In The Northeast[+]
9Turning of the tide[+]
11Help Me Make It Through The Night[+]
12Under The Weather[+]
13If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It[+]
14There Will Come A Day[+]
15Wild Mercury[+]
16The Medicine Show[+]
18The Ship Song / The Deep End[+]
19Dead Skunks[+]
20500 Girl Mornings[+]

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