Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Silodam on 2011-01-22

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DateJan 22, 2011+
RecordingRode NTK microphone => Art-Tube pre-amp => Marantz PMD660
LMA stevewynn2011-01-22.flac16
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Steve: A. Guitar, Vocals
Chris: E. Guitar, E. Piano, Mouthharp, Vocals

Recording Equipment:
Rode NTK microphone => Art-Tube pre-amp => Marantz PMD660

Friday evening Steve and Chris played a nice and funny houseconcert, 40 / 50 people in the audience, second gig of the four-week acoustic tour.
I had no idea if they would play full acoustic or had amplifiers.
Well, there was a small old Lany PA, with an old DIN - output. I had several cables and microphones with me, but no 5 pin DIN... for a matrixrecording
Anyway, keep it simple in these situations. I used my Rode NTK with an Arttube pre-amp in front of the stage and walked with the stand during the 3th set when Steve and Chris were among the audience.
The first set was a solo Chris Cacavas (Bellyful Of Bullets / Whos Your Whore / Anonymous / Awol / California (into the ocean) / Walk On water / Pale Blonde Hell). This is not included here. Second set is songs 1-8, thrid set is songs 9-17.
1Ribbons And Chains[+]
2Dandy In Disguise[+]
4Baby, We All Gotta Go Down[+]
5We Don't Talk About It[+]
6Bring The Magic[+]
7When You Smile[+]
8Freak Star[+]
9If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It[+]
11Tell Me When It's Over[+]
12Mandy Breakdown[+]
13Kerosene Man[+]
15Nothing But The Shell[+]
16One By One[+]
17There Will Come A Day[+]

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