Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Rytmeposten on 2001-05-25

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateMay 25, 2001+
RecordingSony ECM-121 => Sony D100
TaperJens Jakob Sørensen
LMA stevewynn2001-05-25.flac16
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The Band:__Steve Wynn - Guitar,vocal__Linda Pitmon - Drums__Dave De Castro - Bass__Jason Victor - guitar and keyboards____From: Steve Wynn Diary 2001__Last night's show was in Odense (Denmark) at the Rytmeposten, one of those clubs I have played regularly over the years. On a long tour it's always reassuring to get to a place where you know the layout of the room, the location of the backstage, the way to the train station and the location of the nearest Herald Tribune. And it's always great to see the house soundman Jan who has dutifully recorded and archived each of my shows there. Speaking of which, it was great to meet up with Jens Jakob, one of the strongest roots of the CD-trees that some of you duplicate, collect and distribute. Don't know if he was taping last night but we played one of the longest versions of 'Smash Myself to Bits' (which gets longer each night) and also tackled 'Weathered and Torn' for the first time in years (maybe since Dream Syndicate days, I'm not sure). But that all seems like years ago (instead of 18 hours). Tiny roads, parking lots, ferries and now sheep. Tons and tons of sheep. (MAY 27)
3Watch Your Step[+]
4Shades Of Blue[+]
5Out Of This World[+]
6Sunset To The Sea[+]
7Southern California Line[+]
9Good And Bad[+]
10Death Valley Rain[+]
11The Way You Punish Me[+]
12Crawling Misanthropic Blues[+]
13This Deadly Game[+]
14My Favorite Game[+]
16Smash Myself To Bits[+]
17There Will Come A Day[+]
18Kerosene Man[+]
19The Side I'll Never Show[+]
20When You Smile[+]
22Weathered And Torn[+]
23Nothing But The Shell[+]
24That's What You Always Say[+]
25500 Girl Mornings[+]

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