Tape: Kevn Kinney Live at 40 Watt Club on 2011-03-12

File UnderThe Baseball Project
DateMar 12, 2011+2 alternative recordings
RecordingSony PCM-M10(24/44)> HDD> Wavelab(DSP/L3)> CDWave
TaperSloan Simpson
LMA kevnkinney2011-03-12.flac16
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Kevn Kinney - guitar, vocal__Peter Buck - mandolin, guitar, bass__Tim Nielsen - bass, mandolin, vocal__Linda Pitmon - drums, percussion__Scott McCaughey - mandolin, keyboard__Bill Berry - drums__John Keane - guitar, vocal__Mike Mills - keyboard, percussion, vocal__Steve Wynn - guitar, vocal
1Trail Of Seasons[+]
2Iron Mountain[+]
3Last Song Of Maddie Hope[+]
4The House Above Tina's Grocery[+]
5Hey Landlord (Meatloaf And Fishsticks)[+]
6MacDougal Blues[+]
7Indian Song[+]
8With The People/ I Believe[+]
9Lost And Found[+]
10Underground Umbrella[+]
11Straight To Hell[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive kevnkinney2011-03-12.flac16


Underground Umbrella[+], Straight To Hell[+]

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