Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop on 2011-03-18

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DateMar 18, 2011+2 alternative recordings
RecordingKEXP 1.4Mbps Uncompressed Webstream->Creative Smart Recorder
TaperBill Holtzheimer
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Steve Wynn's 6th performance at this years South by Southwest Music Conference

Steve Wynn - Vocals & guitar
Jason Victor - Guitar & backing vocals
Dave DeCastro - Bass & backing vocals
Linda Pitmon - Drums & backing vocals

6) FRIDAY, 12:30pm-SWM3 AT MELLOW JOHNNY'S BIKE SHOP. Yes, an actual bike shop. Scratch that-an actual bike shop co-owned by Lance Armstrong. We were there to play a 30 minute live set for Seattle's KEXP. I say Seattle but KEXP is actually a station of the world-one of the finest stations around, heard on the internet by people everywhere. They've always been supportive to my music and I was glad to have the chance to hang out with them and play some songs. We hit our stride at this show, doing our best to reach through the microphones, through the cable hookup, across the miles into each person's home and ears with love and ferocity. I think we succeeded. And we walked away with bike tote bags for each member of the band. Love those SXSW perks!
1Colored Lights[+]
2Cindy, It was always you[+]
4Death Valley Rain[+]
5Consider The Source[+]

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