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Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Momo's on 2011-03-18

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateMar 18, 2011+2 alternative recordings
RecordingSP-BMC-3 > Edirol 09 HR
LMA stevewynn2011-03-18.SXSW10.flac16
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Steve Wynn's 10th performance at this years South by Southwest Music Conference

Steve Wynn - Vocals & guitar
Jason Victor - Guitar & backing vocals
Dave DeCastro - Bass & backing vocals
Linda Pitmon - Drums & backing vocals

9 and 10) SATURDAY, 1am-BBP and SWM3 AT MOMO'S. 13 hours after the first gig of the day. The North Mississippi All Stars had just finished their set when we navigated our amplifiers through the crowd and got ready for the post-midnight double header which was going out live over KUT. Sure we were all a little weary, maybe a little full, maybe even a little buzzed but we, as always, worked the elements into our favor, the BBP playing a rowdier, loopier and endearingly sloppy version of our act and then the M3 and I playing a much more elastic, trippy version of our music, throwing epic workouts of both "Halloween" and "John Coltrane Stereo Blues" into the mix. I know that these free jazz jam squonk sets are not for everyone but I also know that they tend to be my favorites, the ones where I leave the stage thinking "man, we really did something cool tonight." Those are the kinds of sets where I feel what it might have been like to be playing the Fillmore West in 1969, one of my prime Walter Mitty-esque fantasies. We all got back to our respective sleeping quarters around 4am with not much time for turnaround before.....
1When You Smile[+]
5Cindy, It was always you[+]
6John Coltrane Stereo Blues[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive stevewynn2011-03-18.SXSW10.flac16


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