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Tape: Dream Syndicate Live at Pershing Bar on 2022-03-17

File UnderThe Dream Syndicate
DateMar 17, 2022+2 alternative recordings
RecordingSP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > Sony PCM-M10 > Sandisk Mini-SD Card > .WAV (24 Bit) > Adobe Audition 2022 CC (normalize/amplify/tracking/dithering/downsampling) > .WAV (16 Bit) > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8)
LMA ds2022-03-17.Pershing.flac16
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Tapers notes:
Anyway, for the event, it was a pretty small crowd (mostly older too), which wasn't surprising given the early start time, and of course it was actually sprinkling during part of the set (I was hoping for some "Texas heat" while I was in town, and while that did come eventually, I was warned it would rain at least once while I was in town, and sure enough it did here - could have been a lot worse though, nothing to complain about). And for such a small stage in a parking lot full of food trucks, dumpsters and picnic tables, the sound was actually pretty decent and I think that reflects here on the recording. There was a weird digital click/pop through the first song, which I'm not sure of the origins of (maybe it was present in the mix? I can't remember. Maybe it was due to water hitting the mics? Cable issues? I really don't know), but I went and manually removed them in Adobe Audition, so it should all be good now. It was a short set (most SXSW shows were), and because of that, the band only played part of their last (and best) song "Tell Me When It's Over". But it was a fun show nonetheless and a great way to kick off my SXSW recording escapades.
2How Did I Find Myself Here[+]
3Where I'll Stand[+]
4Bullet Holes[+]
5That's What You Always Say[+]
7Tell Me When It's Over[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive ds2022-03-17.Pershing.flac16


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