Tape: Dream Syndicate Live at Club Explosivo on 2014-05-10

File UnderThe Dream Syndicate
DateMay 10, 2014+
RecordingEdirol R09HR
LMA ds2014-05-10.flac16
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Track 01 by Bonnie Dobson
Track 12 by Tom Verlaine
Track 15 by Lou Reed
Track 17 by Richard Hell / Steve Wynn

I spent some quality time in Zaragoza with fellow Dimer marcelpullen and our wifes.
Main reason of course... last gig of the Dream Syndicate 2014 European tour.
It was a weird one; only 60 people in the audience ! But the screamed like 200 people.
It was good to see the band, they changed the setlist only 5 minutes before the gig;
FIRST time I heard them play 'Morning Dew', 'Glory' and 'Blank Generation' !

Because of the Ryan Air flight I was not able to bring my multitrack recorder, so lineage:
Edirol R09HR > soundboard [44.1/16 WAV]
Edirol R09 internal mikes on stand behind the audience [44.1/16 WAV]
4 tracks mixed in Audacity to 2 tracks stereo > TLH > FLAC8 > YOU
No further editing
1Morning Dew[+]
2That's What You Always Say[+]
3Tell Me When It's Over[+]
4Forest For The Trees[+]
5Intro Steve
7Armed With An Empty Gun[+]
8Definitely Clean[+]
9Still Holding On To You[+]
10The Medicine Show[+]
14Band Intro
15Rock And Roll[+]
16The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]
17Blank Generation / John Coltrane Stereo Blues

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That's What You Always Say[+]

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Burn[+], Armed With An Empty Gun[+]

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