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Tape: Dream Syndicate Live at The Crystal Ballroom on 2022-09-18

File UnderThe Dream Syndicate
DateSep 18, 2022+
RecordingiPhone11 => Audacity
LMA ds2022-09-18.flac16
DownloadMP3 as ZIP, M3U
Recorded with Voice Record on an iPhone 11.
Edited and levels adjusted with Audacity

Track 1-11: Set #1 - The Opening Band
Track 12-22: Set #2 - The Days of Wine and Roses

Steve Wynn - Vocals & guitar
Jason Victor - Guitar & vocals
Mark Walton - Bass
Dennis Duck - Drums

Track 19: Thalia Zedek - vocals on Too Little, Too Late

This was the fourth time I've had a chance to see The Dream Syndicate and it was great night all around. The band played two sets with a break and no opener: one of recent material and the second a full performance of The Days of Wine and Roses. The show took place at the Crystal Ballroom in Somerville with the band in great spirits as Steve Wynn bantered with the audience and reminisced about playing in and around Boston over the years. While the shows on this tour were meant to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Days of Wine and Roses, the opening set is just as strong as the second, and the whole performance really rocks.

During the first set the band play songs exclusively from their post reunion records, leaning heavily on the recently released Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and Confessions. After Out Of My Head Steve asks if anyone in the audience saw Roxy Music the night before in Boston (I was there) and confesses to feeling jealous before introducing the other musicians. "We're of course the opening band" says Steve referring to the two-set structure of the show "we're going to blow them off the stage - we saw their set, they're playing a bunch of old songs so we can wipe the floor with them!" Once the set is done there's a short break before the band return to play The Days of Wine and Roses in full with a guest vocal from Thalia Zedek on Too Little, Too Late filling in for Kendra Smith. As an encore the band play a loose jam called Open Hour incorporating bits of John Coltrane Stereo Blues, The Regulator (from The Universe Inside) and Morning Dew, an often-covered folk ballad.

I was standing near the front of the crowd for most of the show and recorded from there. I trimmed some outbursts from the crowd when they were excessive and made a few level edits to reduce applause but that’s basically it.

Please do not sell, and distribute freely - support Steve Wynn and the musicians in The Dream Syndicate by buying their records and seeing them play live!


1Still Here Now[+]
2Put Some Miles On[+]
3Where I'll Stand[+]
5Out of My Head[+]
6band intro
7Black Light[+]
8Every Time You Come Around[+]
9Trying to Get Over[+]
10How Did I Find Myself Here[+]
12Tell Me When It's Over[+]
13Definitely Clean[+]
14That's What You Always Say[+]
15Then She Remembers[+]
17When You Smile[+]
18Until Lately[+]
19Too Little, Too Late[+]
20The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]
22John Coltrane Stereo Blues / The Regulator / Morning Dew

Sound from Live Music Archive ds2022-09-18.flac16


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