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Recent Tape Trader updates

2013-05-29:Mezzago, Italy:BloomDream Syndicate
2013-11-23:Chicago, IL, USA:Old Town SchoolDream Syndicate
2013-11-22:Cleveland, OH, USA:Beachland BallroomDream Syndicate
2013-05-22:Nijmegen, Holland:Cafe TrianonDream Syndicate
2014-01-25:Todos Santos, Mexico:Todos Santos Music FestivalDream Syndicate
2014-01-25:Todos Santos, Mexico:Todos Santos Music FestivalDrivin’ N Cryin’
2014-01-24:Todos Santos, Mexico:Todos Santos Music Festival, Hotel CaliforniaTwin Tones
2013-10-09:Oslo, Norway:Cafe MonoSteve Wynn (solo)
2013-09-25:Mexico City, Mexico:Vertigo GaleriaSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive2013-12-05:San Francisco, CA, USA:The FillmoreDream Syndicate

Upcoming shows

2014-05-01 Belgium/Lessines/Roots and Roses Festival
2014-05-02 Sweden/Stockholm/Nalen
2014-05-03 Denmark/Copenhagen/Loppen
2014-05-04 Italy/Treviso/New Age Roncade
2014-05-05 Italy/Milan/Live Club Trezzo Sul'adda
2014-05-06 Italy/Ravenna/Bronson
2014-05-07 Spain/Madrid/Moby Dick
2014-05-08 Spain/Santiago/Capitol
2014-05-09 Spain/Bilbao/Kafe Antzokia
2014-05-10 Spain/Zaragoza/Explosivo Club
2014-06-07 United States/St. Louis, MO/Twangfest/The Duck Room
2014-08-29 United States/Portland, OR/Doug Fir
2014-09-26 United States/Atlanta/The Earl
2014-09-27 United States/Atlanta/The Earl
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