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2020-02-15:Los Angeles, CA, USA:The EchoplexDream Syndicate
2020-02-14:Oakland, CA, USA:The New ParishDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-11-21:Stuttgart, Germany:LaboratoriumSteve Wynn & Chris Cacavas
2019-12-14:Seattle, WA, USA:The TractorDream Syndicate
2019-12-13:Portland, OR, USA:Polaris HallDream Syndicate
2019-12-01:München, Germany:Unter DeckSteve Wynn & Chris Cacavas
Live Music Archive1986-12-11:Sydney, NSW, Australia:Kardomah CafeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2019-11-28:Mülheim, Germany:Raumfahrtzentrum Saarner KuppeSteve Wynn & Chris Cacavas
Live Music Archive2019-10-18:Paris, France:Le Petit BainDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2000-11-05:Tokyo, Japan:La Cana ShimokitazawaSteve Wynn & Linda Pitmon

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