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Live Music ArchiveUPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 19 DAYS2014-09-26:Atlanta, GA, USA:The EarlDream Syndicate
2014-08-13:Kansas City, MO, USA:Record BarThe Baseball Project
2014-08-16:Denver, CO, USA:Coors FieldThe Baseball Project
2014-08-31:Seattle, WA, USA:BumbershootDream Syndicate
2014-09-06:Santa Monica, CA, USA:McCabe's Guitar ShopThe Baseball Project
2014-09-10:Portland, OR, USA:Bing LoungeThe Baseball Project
2014-09-11:Seattle, WA, USA:NeumosThe Baseball Project
2014-09-27:Atlanta, GA, USA:The EarlDream Syndicate
2014-08-11:Minneapolis, MN, USA:Cedar Cultural CenterThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-08-12:Maquoketa, IA, USA:Codfish Hollow BarnThe Baseball Project

Upcoming shows

2014-12-10 United States/Kansas City, MO/The Tree House
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