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2016-10-03:Milano, Italy:Cox18Steve Wynn (solo)
2016-10-04:Cantu, Italy:1e35circaSteve Wynn (solo)
2016-09-29:New York City, NY, USA:The Bowery Electric Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
2016-10-08:Bologna, Italy:FreakoutSteve Wynn (solo)
2016-10-10:Roma, Italy:Unplugged in MontiSteve Wynn (solo)
2016-10-11:Latina, Italy:Circolo HemingwaySteve Wynn (solo)
2016-10-13:Isola di Liri , Ital:Auditorium New OrleansSteve Wynn (solo)
2016-10-12:Caserta, Italy:Jarmusch ClubSteve Wynn (solo)
2005-11-09:Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro:Dom OmladSteve Wynn & The Miracle 3
2016-07-31:Minneapolis, MN, USA:Target Field (Twins Game)The Baseball Project

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