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Recent Tape Trader updates

Live Music ArchiveUPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 6 DAYS2014-11-16:Brooklyn, NY, USA:Rough TradeDream Syndicate
Live Music ArchiveUPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 6 DAYS2014-11-15:Brooklyn, NY, USA:Rough TradeDream Syndicate
Live Music ArchiveUPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 6 DAYS2009-05-23:New York City, NY, USA:Bowery BallroomThe Baseball Project
UPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 7 DAYS2013-05-30:Thessaloniki, Greece:MylosDream Syndicate
UPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 18 DAYS2014-11-22:Los Angeles, CA, USA:The EchoplexDream Syndicate
Live Music ArchiveUPDATE WITHIN THE LAST 18 DAYS2014-09-27:Atlanta, GA, USA:The EarlDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-09-26:Atlanta, GA, USA:The EarlDream Syndicate
2014-08-13:Kansas City, MO, USA:Record BarThe Baseball Project
2014-08-16:Denver, CO, USA:Coors FieldThe Baseball Project
2014-08-31:Seattle, WA, USA:BumbershootDream Syndicate

Upcoming shows

2015-01-09 United States/San Francisco, CA/The Fillmore
2015-01-10 United States/Los Angeles, CA/The Roxy
2015-01-11 United States/San Juan Capistrano, CA/Coach House
2015-01-24 Mexico/Todos Santos/Todos Santos Music Festival
2015-02-06 United States/Peace Dale, RI/Roots Hoot
2015-02-07 United States/Albany, NY/Low Beat
2015-02-26 Austria/Vienna/Chelsea
2015-02-27 Germany/Geislingen/Ratsche
2015-02-28 Germany/Munich/Sudstadt
2015-03-01 Germany/Scheuer/Villingen
2015-03-02 Switzerland/Zurich/El Lokal
2015-03-03 Germany/Karlsruhe/Jubez
2015-03-04 Germany/Duisburg/Piano
2015-03-05 Germany/Norderstedt/Music Star
2015-03-06 Germany/Berlin/Privat Club
2015-03-07 Denmark/Copenhagen/Vega
2015-03-10 Norway/Trondheim/Moskus
2015-03-11 Norway/Bergen/Madam Felle
2015-03-12 Norway/Oslo/Cafe Mono
2015-03-13 Netherlands/Utrecht/Ekko
2015-03-14 Australia/Nijmegen/Honigfabriek
2015-03-15 Belgium/Leuven/Het Depot
2015-03-16 Greece/Athens/Tiki Bar
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