Complete Steve Wynn Tape Trader list from 1997

Live Music Archive1997-12-17San Francisco, CA, USA/The Great American Music HallSteve Wynn
Live Music Archive1997-12-05New York City, NY, USA/FezSteve Wynn (solo)
1997-11-05Karlsruhe, Germany/JubezChris Cacavas
1997-10-29Amsterdam, Holland/VPRO Radio, Studio AmstelSteve Wynn (solo)
1997-10-29Hilversum, Holland/2-Meter SessionsSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1997-10-24Firenze, Italy/TenaxSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1997-10-14Columbia, MO, USA/Blue NoteSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1997-10-12Minneapolis, MN,USA/The 400 BarSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1997-10-09Philadelphia, PA, USA/Balcony at the TrocaderoSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1997-10-07Baltimore, MD, USA/Fletcher'sSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1997-10-04Boston, MA, USA/TT The Bear'sSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1997-10-03Arlington, VA, USA/IotaSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1997-06-28Los Angeles, CA, USA/Alligator LoungeSteve Wynn
Live Music Archive1997-05-03Borås, Sweden/Amanda'sSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1997-05-02Aarhus, Denmark/MusikcafeenSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1997-05-01Malmö, Sweden/KBSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1997-04-30København, Denmark/RustSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1997-04-29Erfurt, Germany/RotplombeSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-25Piacenza, Italy/FillmoreSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-22Innsbrück, Austria/UtopiaSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-21Braunschweig, Germany/CottanSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-20Hann. Münden, Germany/Haus Der JugendSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-19Dortmund, Germany/FZWSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-18Nürnberg, Germany/LGBSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-14München, Germany/Feierwerk im HansapalastSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-11Hannover, Germany/BadSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-04-10Bochum, Germany/ZadEckSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-03-28New York City, NY, USA/Mercury LoungeSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1997-03-27Cambridge, MA, USA/TT The Bear'sSteve Wynn Quartet
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