The Medicine ShowThe Dream Syndicate
The Medicine Show (1984)
Words cannot say it all. To some good people this record is one of their all time favorites by anyone. It is one of those records that you just keep dragging forward from your record-collection. And never once have I been disappointed when I hear it again, and again,and....

Kendra Smith have been replaced by Dave Provost of the Droogs on bass.
As for song writing Merrittville and Burn[S] shows Steve Wynn at his very best, and that's good. You can turn them up loud, and you get chills all over. For these two tracks alone, this album would be in my personal top 10.

But then there is the very loose arranged track as The Medicine Show[S] and especially John Coltrane Stereo Blues[S]. In these two track the rhythm section somehow manages to keep everything together, while Precoda & Wynn, sings, whisper, screams, caress their guitars, rips the guitar string. It's too hard to explain. Such a track should be heard. LOUD. Try[S] a concert, solo or Gutterbal, it don't mind, because even at Gutterball-shows they play this one. I'm on my knees in respect.

It's not over yet. Straight forward rockers like Still Holding On To You[S] and Daddy's Girl[S] just makes it the most varying record in Wynn's career.
Armed With An Empty Gun[S] is one of those rare Karl Precoda compositions. He should do
more :) A great track.
He obviously had the writing talent too.

This record was released by A&M records ( I think that's the biggest company Steve Wynn has ever had behind him ) and produced by Sandy Pearlman. Yet it didn't sell that much. To my knowledge this is the only Dream Syndicate record that has not been reissued. For many years it has been almost impossible to get your hands on, even on vinyl in far from good conditions. What is this. I think it's a disgrace. I asked Steve Wynn if it was ever re-released, and he said that it was re-released about 3 years ago. You can read about in the news--section.
All I know for sure is that it is idiotic of A&M not to release such a masterpiece. It's really frustrating.

I've got some fine wine in the freezer baby, and I - FEEL ALL RIGHT


ImagesTitleDetails/link to tracklisting
The Medicine Show Single The Medicine Show
S,AMS 9800,A&M Records,ES
JCSB promo John Coltrane Stereo Blues
EP,SAMP 75,A&M Records, Inc.,US
Promotion special edit of the great song (short version) as well as the album version.
The Medicine Show - Bside The Medicine Show
EP,SP-17278,Poison Brisket / BUG,US
Promtional 3 track 33 1/3 RPM release
The Medicine Show The Medicine Show
LP,SP 6-4990,A&M Records, Inc.,US
LP,AMLH 64990,A&M, CBS, S.A.,ES
LP,AMLX 64990,A&M,UK
TAPE,CS 6-4990,A&M,US

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