Kerosene Man - CD frontSteve Wynn
Kerosene Man (1990)
Produced by Joe Chiccarelli
This, thefirst solo effort after the split up of Dream Syndicate, shows a new side of Steve Wynn.
It is very clear that this is a one mans vision of doing something other than Dream Syndicate. Steve Wynn is the center and lots of people is credited on the album. The guitar not as dominating as in the DS days, and several tracks sounds like top-10-hit to me. Off course this was not the case. With a little promotion Steve Wynn would/should have sold a lot more records than he did.
This record really has it all. A couple of pop-music-diamonds like
Tears Won't Help[S] and Carolyn[S]. (Caroly was also shot as a video).

More aggressive songs like Younger[S] ( more noisy than in the Dream Syndicate days mainly because of the amazing Howe Gelb of Giant Sand on 'lunatic fringe guitar' ). Songs like The Blue Drifter[S] and Anthem[S], does not seem to fit to the Dream Syndicate time, but here they are very very beatiful songs.

Just to mention a few of the 'celebrities', the bass player Fernando[S] Saunders, from Lou Reeds band in the early 80's, plays an incredible moody bass. It would be unfair not to mention Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde. Her voice in duet with Steve Wynn is just amazing, and a collaboration between those two could be more than interesting.

Re-released on Prima Records, with 6 additional bonus tracks, on October 24 1998.


ImagesTitleDetails/link to tracklisting
Kereosene Man Deluxe Edition Kerosene Man
CD,SID009,Prima Records,UK
Kerosene Man - CD EP Kerosene Man
CDEP,R2 74427,RNA Records,US
Cool CDEP, including covers of Sonic Youth (Kool Thing), Paul Simon (Boy In The Bubble), an amazing version of Conspiracy Of The Heart.
Carolyn CD single Carolyn
CDS,PRO2 90042,Rhino Records,US
Promotional only
Kerosene Man - CD front Kerosene Man
CD,SLPCD-3170,Rhino Records / Sonet Grammofon AB,US

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