Pick Of The LitterSteve Wynn
Pick Of The Litter (1999)
Available only as mailorder through Glitterhouse, or at shows or the fanclub. A larger number of outtakes from My Midnight[S]. The quality of tracks like Invisible[S], The Impossible[S] and Smoke From A Distant Flame[S] maked one wonder why Steve Wynn didn't make My Midnight[S] his first double album :)
The disc also contains James River Incident[S], the very very fine outtake from Melting In The Dark[S], that first appeared in the Shelley's Blues part 2, single. A class A Wynn tune.


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Pick Of The Litter - Red Steve Pick Of The Litter
CD,GRCD 472,Glitterhouse Records,DE
Limited edition of 1000 copies. Sold only through Glitterhouse mailorder, the WynnWeb, live shows and the Fanclub

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