My Midnight - 2CD German editionSteve Wynn
My Midnight (1999)
Produced by John Agnello and Steve Wynn
Once again Steve Wynn reinvents his sound while maintining the unexplainanble Steve Wynn touch. He is helped by a group of cool people (Chris Brokaw, Linda Pitmon, Tony Maimone and Joe McGinty) to record this great sounding (producer -> John Agnello), maybe THE best sounding Steve Wynn record.

A touch of a cool 70's sound (Cats and Dogs, We've Been Hanging Out[S] and My Midnight[S]), brings Steve into new territory, and he does it with class.

Cool rockers (500 Girl Mornings[S] and Nothing But The Shell[S]) show a touch of Gutterball, while epic classical songwriting in the style of Dylan and Reed is evident in The Mask of Shame and Mandy Breakdown[S].

A lot of different styles all coming together perfectle due to the splendid sounding group, where especially Joe McGintys keyboard shines and brings the songs into another world. This divercity in style is waht you will find on the releases to follow : Here Come the Miracles and Static Transmission[R].

Yes, the webmaster loves this record, and it will be as good a place as any if you are starting out exploring Steve Wynn territory
A great record.

If you like this record you should check out Pick Of The Litter that contains several outtakes from the My Midnight[S] sessions.


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My Midnight - 2CD German edition My Midnight
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2LP,BLU LP0182,Blue Rose Records,DE
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Nothing But The Shell - promo Nothing But The Shell
CDS,ZERCD 3161,Zero Hour,US
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My Midnight sampler - a slightly different mix tha My Midnight
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