Here Come The Miracles - 2 CDSteve Wynn
Here Come The Miracles (2001)
Produced by Craig Schumacher, Steve Wynn. and Chris Cacavas
Steve released Here Come the Miracles, his first ever double album, in 2001, at a time where basic rock and roll were making headlines again, thanks to bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, Black[S] Rebel Motorcycle Club,...
and then there was Steve Wynn, who took a a bunch of songs, took them to a studio in Tucson Arizona, blended the songs with a lot of different styles, and recorded the songs with little fuzz, and the result is the most varied sprawling Steve Wynn releases to date.

The critiques picked up on this release and hailed it as the best Steve Wynn has ever recorded.

The sound on the record is the sound of a band playing live, and it works.

Here Come The Miracles[S] won the price of best "Rock [S][S]">S]Alternative" album of 2001, at the annual AFIM Indie Awards.


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HCTM - The Live version Front Here Come The Miracles - The Live Version
MP3,,Blue Rose Records,DE
All the tracks from Here Come The Miracles in live versions recorded in Germany in 2001 and 2003. Given away freely as MP3 files for download (as well as original cover art) from Blue Rose Records.
Here Come The Miracles - 2 CD Here Come The Mircacles
2CD,BLUDP 0237,Blue Rose Records,DE
2LP,BLU LP 0237,Blue Rose Records / Down There,DE
Sustain single - with outtakes commented by Steve Sustain
CDS,BLUPC0247,Blue Rose Records,DE
Promotional CD single.
There Will Come A Day There Will Come A Day
CDS,BLU SI0268,Blue Rose Records,DE
Track 1 from Here Come The Miracles, and track 2-5 are recorded live in Affalter, Germany, on April 28, 2001. Download additional 5 songs from Blue Rose's Website.

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