Static TransmissionSteve Wynn & the Miracle 3
Static Transmission (2003)
Produced by Steve Wynn and Craig Schumacher
Steve Wynn's latest effort, released, Feb 24, 2003 in Europe and July 1st, 2003 in the US

Static Transmission picks up where Here Come The Miracles[S] Left off. It is recorded in the studio, with mostly the same band (Jason Victor replaced Chris Brokaw on guitar)

The Miracle 3 :
Linda Pitmon : Drums
Dave DeCastro : Bass
Jason Victor : Guitar

Chris Cacavas plays keyobard.

It is as diverce the previous 2CD set. The opening track What Comes After[S] is a powerful starter. Lyrically in the neighbourhood of There Will Come A Day[S], and musically close to Lou Reeds Transformer. One of Steves most powerful quiter songs. The album contains all kinds of styles, like the cool "you can hear this band knows eachother" frenzy in Keep it Clean, to the adrenalin pumpin Amphetamine[S], the slower melancholic Maybe Tomorrow[S] to the catchy tunes of Candy Machine[S] and California[S] Style. The album ends properly with the cool sounding Fond Farewell[S], except for the hidden track.

Static Transmission is a strong standing proud brother of Here Come The Miracles[S].

The first edition of the European release included a bonus disc with three extra songs from the sessions (all previously unreleased)

The first edition of the US release will include a bonus disk with 5 extra tracks from the sessions (all previously unreleased), as well as the 3 bonus tracks from the European edition.

The 4 extra tracks from the US release will also be available from Blue Rose Records in Europe, as a single released on August 1st, 2003.


ImagesTitleDetails/link to tracklisting
Static Transmission Static Transmission
2CD,dbk105,Down There/DBK Works,US
CD,,DBK Works,US
The U.S. version of Static Transmission contains eight bonus tracks (the three on the European version + 5 others), all recorded during the Static Transmission session in Tucson, Arizona. The new unreleased tracks are "Timing," "Survival Blues," "Again," "Benediction" and a haunting version of Bruce Springsteen's "State Trooper."
California Style CD single California Style
CDEP,BLU SI0318,Blue Rose Records,DE
This 6 song-EP includes California Style from Static Transmission, and 5 extra tracks, othwerwise only available on the US edition of Static Transmission. You can order a copy from Blue Rose Records.
Static Transmission Static Transmission
2CD,BLU DP0300,Blue Rose Records,DE
2LP,BLULP0300,Blue Rose Records,DE
The first edition of Static Transmission comes as a 2CD release, at 1CD price.

The extra disc contains video footage, and outtakes from the studio session in Tucson.

CD -ticket from berlin Knaack, 26/10/2003 CD-ticket
For each German show on Steve Wynn and The Miracle three's fall tour 2003, a free CD single was given away, working as a CD ticket, with 4 songs recorded March 26, 2003 at the Musikwerkstatt in Neustadt/Weinstrasse.

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