...tick...tick...tick coverSteve Wynn & the Miracle 3
...tick...tick...tick (2005)
Produced by Steve Wynn, Craig Schumacher. and Linda Pitmon
The third release in the "Desert Session" trilogy, folllowing the critically acclaimed Here Come The Miracles[S] and Static Transmission[R].

Expect a great sounding, wild and freaky last installment in the Desert Trology, exposing the Miracle 3 at the top of their game.

the Miracle 3 :
Linda Pitmon : Drums
Dave DeCastro : Bass
Jason Victor : Guitar

European release date : Oct 10, 2005
US release date : January 24, 2006


ImagesTitleDetails/link to tracklisting
Bruises CD-EP Bruises
CDEP,BLU SI0387,Bluerose Records,DE
An appetizer for the upcoming live 2CD/DVD, this CD-EP features "Bruises", one of the best songs on ...tick...tick...tick, plus three audio live tracks from the "DVD" show in Geislingen ("When The Curtain Falls", "Blind Willie McTell" and "Bruises") plus a live video of "Killing Me".
The Night Gardener Steve Wynn and George Pelecanos
A collaboration between Steve Wynn and crime writer George Pelecanos, as part of promoting Pelecanos book "The Night Gardener" The track "The Night Gardener" has Pelecanos reading the first chapter of the book backed an instrumental Steve Wynn track. "Cindy, It Was Always You" is a co-write from ...tick...tick...tick. Printed in a limited edition of 2000 copiesSt
...tick...tick...tick cover ...tick...tick...tick
CD,,Down There / Red Eye,US
LP+7",BLU LP0380,Blue Rose Records / Down There,DE
CD,BLU CD0380,Down There/Blue Rose Records,DE
CD,BLU DP0380,Blue Rose Records / Down There,DE
Ultimate Blue Rose Singles Collection The Ultimate Blue Rose Singles Collection
S,BLU SI0380,Blue Rose Records,DE

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