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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 1 - KCRW 6/1/90

KCRW S*N*A*P 6/1/90
Hosted by Deidre O'Donohue
FM cassette master->DAT

  • Cover by Didier Georgieff (
  • Liner notes by Pat Thomas (
  • Tape provided by Jeff Lester

    Pat Thomas' Liner Notes :

    Just a few days ago Steve and I were discussing this show. He reminded me that this was one of the very first public performances he�d done with this line up. His first ever, post-Dream Syndicate band. His first solo album had just been released. I commented back to him that there was a few interesting things about this show. * it was the first and only time I was aware of him performing without Kendra Smith singing it. Steve replied that it was probably the only time he�d sung it with a band, but in fact he�d done it a few times totally solo acoustic. That was news to me.

    I do remember one time I was hanging out with Steve and Barbara Manning just before a 1988 Dream Syndicate show and Steve asked her what song did she wanna hear? Barbara replied; and Steve told her to forget it. I requested and was met with a similar response. During this KCRW show, we get another song that Steve picked up from John Fogerty called * I also surprised how few songs from Kerosene Man he played on this show considering that the CD had just been released a few weeks before.

    That's what I love about Steve, he�ll play whatever he pleases, regardless of the promotional considerations - and in this case we get . Which was always one of my favorite Dream Syndicate ballads and one of the highlights of Ghost Stories for me. * The other final surprise for me on this CD-R was hearing a pre-Gutterball version of . I had always assumed that all of the Gutterball material was composed just before the Gutterball album was recorded, but now I know this wasn�t the case. Maybe I knew had been played before and I simply forgot. Regardless, it�s a pleasure to hear what was probably the first time it had been performed.

    * As I�m writing these notes, it occurs to me that did not appear until the Fluorescent CD was released. So there�s another song that Steve debuts on this show. I must admit that when everyone else voted for this show as the first Syndicated Dreams Tree Release, I was wondering why?, because I�d never heard this show before. Now I know why. It�s an historic event. Now with the birth of the digital age, we can each enjoy our own personal CD-R of this piece of Steve Wynn history. June 1, 1990 is sort of the birth and blueprint of Steve�s solo post-Dream Syndicate career. Let It Reign !!!!

    Pat Thomas
    San Francisco
    May 11th, 1998

    Jeff Lester :

    This is one of the earliest Steve Wynn Quintet shows and it comes from a radio broadcast and is very high quality. Some comments about it: Steve and the band make several comments about it being hot and they are sweating a lot, when Julie Christensen joins in they call it the Steve Wynn Sextet, and there some funny exchanges where they give the details about what instruments they are playing to avoid dead time while someone is tuning or switching instruments. Probably my favorite song is the Steve/Julie duet of Lee Hazelwood's "Summer Wine", with Julie singing the Nancy Sinatra part. Steve gives his praise of Lee before they start and asks him to "come produce my next 10 albums." Unfortunately this song is where the cassette flips, so some of the song is lost. I wasn't home this evening and entrusted a friend of mine to make the recording and he didn't catch this in time. :-( This was also a very cool performance because it featured several covers and several of Steve's compositions that didn't appear on albums until later.

    The tape is an FM cassette master that I then copied to DAT. And it's about 68 minutes long, a good length for a CD. :-) 12 songs in 68 minutes might make one think that the songs are long. Not really, there's just quite a bit of chatter, but it's good chatter, lots of funny bits. There is a bit of hiss from the tape and the FM, but it's not bad. I don't know whether the top level DAT/CDR branches have the capbility or inclination to clean up the tape at all, though it is certainly fine without it.

    The Quintet

    • Steve Wynn
    • Robert Mache : Guitar
    • Mark Walton : Bass
    • Kevin Jarvis : Drums
    • Robert Lloyd :
    • with guest Julie Christensen

    The Tracks

    1. Carry A Torch
    2. One By One
    3. Carolyn
    4. Whatever You Please
    5. Too Little Too Late
    6. Graveyard Train
    7. Counting The Days
    8. Something To Remember Me By
    9. Summer Wine {w/tape flip cut} (Lee Hazelwood)
    10. The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar (Bob Dylan)
    11. Help Me Make It Through the Night (Kris Kristofferson)
    12. Busted (Ray Charles)
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