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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 10
The Dream Syndicate, Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo 16.12.1984

Released July 2002

SD10 coverart SD10 coverart

  • Cover by Fritz Weidner (fweidner@hotmail.com)

    Liner Notes :

    In July 1989, I wrote in the liner notes for the "it's too late to stop now" cd/lp: "witness" is the wynn/precoda magnum opus they never got to record. historians can jack off on the fact that this song is the only steve and karl collaboration ever written. as I sit here in July 2002 writing liner notes again and I hear "witness" for the first time in a couple of years, I think it's an artistic crime that wynn stopped playing this song after karl left. this song is genius, it's the dream syndicate's equivalent of the long rumored missing robert johnson song.

    back in the 70's there was an ad with a photo of pete townshend getting ready to break a guitar in half on stage with the quote "this guitar has seconds to live". as I listen to this CD-R of 12/16/84, it's occurs to me that "this band has seconds to live". correct me if I'm wrong, but precoda never played with the band again after this short trip to Japan.

    ahh, we were so much older then, we're younger then yesterday, time waits for no one and it's been 18 years since this material was recorded. I've loved every line up of this band for different reasons and tonight the reason is "witness", can I get one?

    Pat Thomas
    Oakland, CA

    The Tracks

    Syndicated Dreams vol 10
    Dream Syndicate
    : Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo 16.12.1984
    Tracks: 1.Halloween 6:59
    2.Daddy's Girl 3:15
    3.Burn 7:01
    4.Tell Me When It's Over 3:46
    5.Witness 9:33
    6.When You Smile 6:32
    7.The Medicine Show 8:37
    8.John Coltrane Stereo Blues15:02
    9.Merrittville 7:28
    10.Werewolves Of London 5:40
    Please note Mr. Steve Wynn has very kindly given his permission to publish the Syndicated Dreams series in the mp3-format
    Tape supplied by Graham Stuart
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