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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 12
Gutterball: Seven Year Itch, Have A Nice Day Cafe, Richmond (USA) 09.01.2003

Released May 2003

SD12 coverart

  • Cover by Fritz Weidner (fweidner@hotmail.com)

    Liner Notes :

    I still remember Steve Wynn sending me a tape of the first Gutterball album just after it was recorded. It immediately grabbed my attention - the rawness of the sound, the quality of the songwriting - it had a loose feel about it, that not only recalled albums such as Neil Young's Zuma, but was the closest thing I'd heard to the early Dream Syndicate since.......well, the early Dream Syndicate. While the songs and sound weren't exactly like the early D.S., the overall rough vibe was similar. To be honest, I hadn't been that blown away by Kerosene Man and I really wasn't into Dazzling Display, so I was excited by Steve's new/old direction with Gutterball.
    Not only did the album prick up my ears, but I lucky enough to be in Europe during the band's first tour and spent a few days traveling around with them. The live shows were amazing (see my liner notes for SD05/Gutterball live 1993).

    Fast forward 10 years after and we've got a "one off" Gutterball reunion that sounds as sweet as the day the baby was born. So many of Steve's best songs of the 1990's (along with the Fluorescent album) are contained here.
    "Motorcycle Boy", "Lester Young", "Top Of The Hill", "One By One", "Trial Separation Blues", "When You Make Up Your Mind", "Cheaper By The Pound". All stone cold classics from the pen of Wynn and pals.

    There's a wealth of fun and frolic here and I'd be doing the other guys a disservice if I didn't mention how much I love "It's A Fucked Up World", because frankly, it is.

    Pat Thomas
    Oakland, CA
    Memorial Day 2003

    The Tracks

    Syndicated Dreams vol 12
    : Seven Year Itch, Have A Nice Day Cafe, Richmond (USA) 09.01.2003
    CD 1:
    1.Transparency ()
    2.Your Best Friend ()
    3.Top Of The Hill ()
    4.Sugar Fix ()
    5.Motorcycle Boy ()
    6.One By One ()
    7.When You Make Up Your Mind ()
    8.One Eyed Dog ()
    9.Hesitation ()
    10.Cheaper By The Pound ()
    11.Patent Leather Shoes ()
    12.Blessing In Disguise (Quiet Version) ()
    13.Blessing In Disguise (Loud Version) ()
    14.Lester Young ()
    CD 2:
    1.Is There Something I Should Know? ()
    2.Trial Separation Blues ()
    3.Maria ()
    4.Angelene ()
    5.Everything ()
    6.California ()
    7.Over 40 (Over 60) ()
    8.It's A Fucked Up World ()
    9.Falling From The Sky ()
    10.Mickey's Big Mouth ()
    11.Days Of Wine And Roses ()
    Audience recording, made and supplied by Larry Tucker

    Please note Mr. Steve Wynn has very kindly given his permission to publish the Syndicated Dreams series in the mp3-format
  • © All rights for music and text on these pages belongs to Steve Wynn