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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 8 - Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3, Lola, Hamburg, April 19, 2001

Released April 2001

  • Cover by Didier Georgieff (dgieff@sdv.fr)

    Liner Notes :

    Here Comes The CD-R ! Over the past few weeks, I have had to remove 3 different Steve Wynn CD-R bootlegs from Ebay - and while I overall like bootlegs and I am sure the people selling them are not getting rich (unless of course they are selling CD-Rs of a nude Britney Spears), it gives me great pleasure to be part of a team of people that are circulating a CD-R of Steve without profit and best of all from a tour that is still happening. Here Come The Miracles is one of Steve's most ambitious releases to date (how could it not be with 19 new songs spread across 2 discs?). And while I don't love everything on the disc - the good songs are very good and remain among Steve's very best work. As anyone who has been on the Steve newsgroup for awhile knows - I have long been suggesting we "recreate" each of Steve's solo albums with live versions from various tours. Thankfully with this one show, Steve has almost done it for us. By my count there is 13 out of 19 songs from Here Come The Miracles here - and it's great to hear this brand new band work their way thru a brand new album! This to me is what CD-Rs are all about: capturing the moment as it happens and spreading it among the fans. In this case very quickly! The miracle of modern technology has arrived ! Well, I have used up all my room on the back of this CD, but let's leave it like this: There Will Come A Day is hands down one of the greatest Steve Wynn songs and performances ever, I love the comparison that one fellow fan said: Like a classic Dylan song played by Green On Red. Keep On Moving, Pat Thomas Oakland, CA in the merry month of May 2001

    The Tracks

    Syndicated Dreams vol 08
    Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3: Lola, Hamburg 19.04.2001
    Tracks: 1.Here Come The Miracles 3:07
    2.Sustain 5:15
    3.My Midnight 5:34
    4.Mandy Breakdown 4:26
    5.Shades Of Blue 5:06
    6.Morningside Heights 3:55
    7.Smash Myself To Bits 5:29
    8.Butterscotch 3:59
    9.Let's Leave It Like That 3:24
    10.Out Of This World 5:20
    11.Crawling Misanthropic Blues 2:23
    12.Drought 3:01
    13.Death Valley Rain 5:43
    14.Good And Bad 6:36
    15.Southern California Line 4:22
    16.There Will Come A Day 6:20
    Tracks: 1st encore
    1.Merrittville 7:46
    2.That's What You Always Say 6:01
    2nd encore
    3.Boston 7:25
    4.500 Girl Mornings 7:32
    3rd encore
    5.Follow Me (intro) 1:15
    6.When You Smile 4:44

    Recorded by Jens Jakob S�rensen
  • © All rights for music and text on these pages belongs to Steve Wynn