The King Of The Losers[+]

Davy Jones Locker
Hollywood and Vine
The cavern of darkness
They called the firefly
The king of the losers
Is holding court tonight
Well there's one-eyed Pete
Through a shutted B-B speaks
I haven't seen my old my lady
In a eighty[??]seven weeks
The king of losers
They got nothin on me
As he said as I used to fear
Well I dont remember that
and she said I used to mistreat her
Well that might be a fact
The king of the losers
I ain't been down that path
Let's go
Now lets see em buddy
I heard that tune
Of the great four women
And the lies they tell you
The king of the losers
I know that brew through and through you know
Mama sent me downtown
Saturday at noon
I got a service that I missed
Kicked out my room
The king of the losers
I know it through
Over in the corner
Sits the gowned-in sow
She's laughing like a hyena
With the glass of mescal
The king of the losers
Cant toss this girl
Want another time
When the king would come my way
And guns for me to stay
Now the king of the losers
Always has to pay time
Oh listen you scumbags
You're looking for sympathy
You cant be ask why mess
Mosquitoes to me
I'm the king of the losers
Now get down on your knees
I got fit for blood and buckets down my back
Oh you whiskeybottles from late night stack
You want the king of the losers
Look now for the jack

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