2006-08-08 : Brooklyn, NY, USA

CityBrooklyn, NY
VenueMagnetic Field
CoperformerGeroge Pelecanos
InfoSteve Wynn and band will join George Pelecanos in his promotion of his new book "The Night Gardener".

Steve Wynn and the band will play instrumental music behind George's readings from "The Night Gardener" and then they will do a set of their own.

Venue info :
"Acclaimed author GEORGE PELECANOS -- called "one of today's most stellar writers of hard-boiled crime fiction" by the NY Times -- will be reading from his new novel The Night Gardener, and STEVE WYNN (Dream Syndicate/The Miracle 3) will be performing songs from throughout his career, including his recent collaborative work with Pelecanos. Steve and his group will also play backing music for part of George's reading... A rare and special treat of a night!!!

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