Tape: Gutterball Live at Argus, Hultsfredfestivalen on 1993-08-14

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DateAug 14, 1993+
LMA gutter1993-08-14.flac16
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Steve Wynn
Stephen McCarthy
Bryan Harvey
Johnny Hott
Armistead Welford

01-08: Swedish Radio P3
09-18: Danish Radio P3
19-30: Audience from 2nd gen video

(From the Steve Wynn Archive)
1Interview With The Band
2Trial Separation Blues[+]
3Patent Leather Shoes[+]
4Motorcycle Boy[+]
6Think It Over[+]
7Top Of The Hill[+]
8Falling From The Sky(cut)[+]
9Trial Separation Blues[+]
10Patent Leather Shoes[+]
11Motorcycle Boy[+]
12Turn Down The Heat[+]
13Think It Over[+]
14Top Of The Hill[+]
15The Preacher and The Prostitute[+]
16When You Make Up Your Mind[+]
17Falling From The Sky[+]
18Interview Steve
19Trial Separation Blues[+]
20Patent Leather Shoes[+]
21Motorcycle Boy[+]
22Lester Young[+]
23Turn Down The Heat[+]
24Think It Over[+]
25Top Of The Hill[+]
26The Preacher and The Prostitute[+]
27When You Make Up Your Mind[+]
28One By One[+]
29Falling From The Sky[+]

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