Complete Steve Wynn Tape Trader list from source=fm

Live Music Archive2017-05-19Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2013-09-05Portland, OR, USA/Doug Fir LoungeThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2012-04-10Jersey City, NJ, USA/WFMUThe Baseball Project
2010-12-01Madrid, Spain/Radio 3Steve Wynn (solo)
2009-09-15Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2007-04-22Hamburg, Germany/KnustDanny & Dusty
Live Music Archive2006-03-03Seattle, WA, USA/KEXP StudioSteve Wynn & The Miracle 3
Live Music Archive2003-10-13Ljubljana, Slovenia/The Jane Weber ShowSteve Wynn & The Miracle 3
2003-01-29Oslo, Norway/KveldsĺpentSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive2003-01-27Bremen, Germany/Radio SendesaalSteve Wynn & Jason Victor
2001-07-19Jersey City, NJ USA/WFMUSteve Wynn & The Miracle 3
Live Music Archive2001-02-19Milano, Italy/Fuoro GigiSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1999-05-30Hilversum, Holland/2-Meter SessionsSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-01-18Spain/Radio 3Steve Wynn
1998-03-22Spain/Plastico ElasticoSteve Wynn (solo)
1998-03-08Amsterdam, Holland/VPRO Radio, Studio AmstelSteve Wynn Quartet
1998-01-30Hof, Germany/HO*F FMSteve Wynn Quartet
1998-01-18Frankfurt, Germany/Radio X StudiosSteve Wynn & John Wesley Harding
1997-10-29Amsterdam, Holland/VPRO Radio, Studio AmstelSteve Wynn (solo)
1997-10-29Hilversum, Holland/2-Meter SessionsSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1996-03-27Roma, Italy/Big MamaSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1996-02-10Amsterdam, Holland/VPRO Radio, Studio AmstelSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1995-05-30München, Germany/MuffathalleGutterball
1995-05-14Hilversum, Holland/2-Meter SessionsGutterball
1995-05-12Hilversum, Holland/Countdown CaféSteve Wynn (solo)
1994-11-24Nederhorst Den Berg, Holland/Bullet Sound StudioGutterball
Live Music Archive1994-07-09Bruges, Belgium/Cactus FestivalGutterball
1994-04-28Roma, Italy/Radio Citta FuturaSteve Wynn (solo)
1994-04-00Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1993-10-05Hilversum, Holland/2-Meter SessionsGutterball
Live Music Archive1993-10-05Hilversum, Holland/VPRO studiosGutterball
Live Music Archive1993-08-14Hultsfred, Sweden/Argus, HultsfredfestivalenGutterball
Live Music Archive1993-06-29Hilversum, Holland/VPRO studiosSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1993-05-16Charleston, VA, USA/Mountain StageGutterball
Live Music Archive1992-06-27Roskilde, Denmark/Roskilde FestivalSteve Wynn Quintet
1992-05-15Hilversum, Holland/Countdown CaféSteve Wynn (solo)
1990-09-21Hilversum, Holland/Veronica studiosSteve Wynn Quintet
1990-09-19Hilversum, Holland/VPRO studio'sSteve Wynn Quintet
1990-09-15London, U.K./Mary Costello ShowSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1990-06-01Santa Monica, CA, USA/KCRW S*N*A*PSteve Wynn Quintet
1990-05-16Santa Monica, CA, USA/KCRW StudiosSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1990-05-12London, U.K./Mary Costello ShowSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1988-07-14KCRW Studio, Santa Monica, CA, USA/KCRW Studio, Santa Monica, CADream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-12-09Los Angeles, CA, USA/KCRW StudiosSteve Wynn
Live Music Archive1987-12-09Los Angeles, CA, USA/KCRW StudiosSteve Wynn
Live Music Archive1987-09-09Los Angeles, CA, USA/KXLU StudiosSteve Wynn
Live Music Archive1987-07-10Lungomare Zara, Italy/Parco Chico MendezDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1987-03-26Los Angeles, CA, USA/KXLU-FMSteve Wynn & Bob Forrest
1986-11-26Groningen, Holland/Radio StadDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1986-11-04Stockholm, Sweden/Hard Rock CaféDream Syndicate
1986-02-27Santa Monica, CA, USA/KCRW studiosDream Syndicate
1984-12-16Tokyo, Japan/Shibuya KokaidoDream Syndicate
1984-09-25Groningen, Holland/CircustentDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1984-09-24Paris, France/Bain DouchesDream Syndicate
1984-09-17Oslo, Norway/RatsDream Syndicate
1984-09-13Lund, Sweden/Smĺlands NationDream Syndicate
1984-07-07Chicago, IL, USA/Aragon BallroomDream Syndicate
1984-06-00Berkeley, CA, USA/KLAX RadioDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-06-22Cleveland, OH, USA/Agora BallroomDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1983-05-12Passaic, NJ, USA/Capitol TheatreDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1982-09-05Los Angeles, CA, USA/KPFK StudiosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1980-02-14University of California, Davis, USA/The Coffee HouseThe Suspects
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