Tape: Steve Wynn Live at McCabe's on 1989-02-18

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DateFeb 18, 1989+
LMA stevewynn1989-02-18.flac16
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Steve Wynn solo.
* = with Robert Lloyd on Mandolin
# = With Robert and Chris Cacavas on Harmonica and Accordeon

I found two versions of this concert. The soundboard (CD 1) is far the best recording, but the audience of the late set (CD 2) is more complete.

(From the Steve Wynn Archive)
1The Actress[+]
2Out Of The Grey[+]
3She Belongs To Me[+]
4Killing Time[+]
5That's Why I Wear Black*[+]
6Tell Me When It's Over*[+]
7Darlin' They Know#[+]
8Here On Earth As Well#[+]
10The Long Goodbye[+]
11The Actress[+]
12See That My Grave Is Kept Clean[+]
13She Belongs To Me[+]
14Now I Ride Alone[+]
15Killing Time[+]
16That's Why I Wear Black*[+]
17Tell Me When It's Over*[+]
18Darlin' They Know#[+]
19Here On Earth As Well#[+]
20Our Little House#[+]
21Carolyn# (cut)[+]
22The Subject Was Roses[+]
23The Actress[+]
24See That My Grave Is Kept Clean[+]
25She Belongs To Me[+]
26Now I Ride Alone[+]
27Killing Time[+]
28That's Why I Wear Black*[+]
29Tell Me When It's Over*[+]
30Darlin' They Know#[+]
31Here On Earth As Well#[+]
32Our Little House#[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive stevewynn1989-02-18.flac16


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