Tape: Dream Syndicate Live at I Beam on 1988-12-19

File UnderThe Dream Syndicate
DateDec 19, 1988+
LMA ds1988-12-19.flac16
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Dream Syndicate:
Steve Wynn (v,g)
Paul B. Cutler (g)
Mark Walton (b,v)
Dennis Duck (d)

DIME-user "crimvox" wrote:
I suspect the equipment is a cheap AIWA mini stereo microphone into a great and expensive portable Quasar/Matsushita Hi-Fi VCR.
Steve Wynn received a cassette copy from the VHS master via Nakamichi cassette deck, so presumably the version from the Archive is the best that's out there.
The poster is correct--people didn't know that this was the last gig. I remember one show where Steve introduced the band as "The best band in the universe...The Dream Syndicate!" No one there disagreed.

(From the Steve Wynn Archive)
1Let It Rain[+]
2Still Holding On To You[+]
3The Side I'll Never Show[+]
5Weathered And Torn[+]
7The Medicine Show[+]
8Now I Ride Alone[+]
11See That My Grave Is Kept Clean[+]
12When The Curtain Falls[+]
13The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]
14John Coltrane Stereo Blues/ Early Morning Dew[+]

Sound from Live Music Archive ds1988-12-19.flac16


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