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Tape: Steve Wynn Live at TT The Bear's on 1998-04-18

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateApr 18, 1998+
LMA stevewynn1998-04-18.flac16
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STEVE WYNN--guitar, vocals
KIRK SWAN--guitar
ROBERT LLOYD--mandolin, accordion, piano, organ

From Steve Wynn's diary:
Another of my ever-growing "home" clubs (along with those in New York, Rome, Copenhagen, Arhus and other places I play on an annual basis) is TT the Bear's in Boston and due to my 'borrowing' of seemingly half of the Boston scene (Come, Rich Gilbert, Kirk Swan, Fort Apache Studios) over the last few years I feel that Boston is as much a home as any of the above. Sure enough, last night was a great time with old friends, a great turn-out and good music throughout. Just as in Europe, the combination of myself, Wes and the super-tight Quartet (which includes me, I guess so I shouldn't be redundant) along with Robert makes for a very entertaining, ever-evolving show that does it's best to hide the fact that it's almost as long as 'Titanic' (but with better lines, I hope). I was in a particularly good mood as Amy Mehaffey (former wife of Syndicate drummer D. Duck) came out from her home in Northampton armed with good cheer, big hugs and fantastic Mexican food from Cha Cha Cha, where she works and helps to concoct hybrids of Mexican, Thai and American food in unique and mouth-watering ways. Okay, commercial over. The highlight of an enjoyable night was a version of "Carelessly" with Robert adding the fine organ hook (on the SAME organ) that he employed on the recorded version.

This transfer is made from Steve Wynn's personal copy.
2Black Magic[+]
3Shelley's Blues, pt. 2[+]
4Silver Lining[+]
5This Deadly Game[+]
6Tears Won't Help[+]
9Sweetness And Light[+]
10In Love With Everyone[+]

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